Doctor's Profile

Dr. Devki Nandan

MBBS, MD, Fellowship in Perinatology (Australia), 2Years Fellowship in Pediatric Pulmonology(AIIMS Delhi)

Professor & HOD, Department of Paediatrics

Reg. Number: DMC-6450


Dr. Devki Nandan has been working as  Prof.& Head of Department of Pediatrics from July 2022. He completed MBBS(1982) MD, Pediatrics(1993) from SN medical college Agra, junior residency in 1984 from Safdarjung Hospital then joined central health service in July 1984 ,posted  under Delhi administration(DDU Hospital) as medical officer through UPSC & posted in Pediatrics, DDU Hospital New Delhi as chief Medical Officer (PG teacher for DNB from 1993 to 1998).Subsequently  Joined PGIMER DR. RML Hospital in 1998 as Pediatrician through UPSC. (PG Teacher for Delhi University1998-2005), Assistant Professor (2005-2010)  PGIMER Dr. RML Hospital and  Promoted to the post of Senior Pediatrician & Associate Professor (2010-2013). Further promoted to Consultant(SAG)  and Professor (2013-2020) in ABVIMS, DR. RML Hospital. On 17/02/2021, joined as Professor (Paediatrics) at ESIC Medical College Faridabad under Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India & relieved  in July 2022.His total teaching experience is 28 yrs & total Professional experience is 40 yrs.

Acted as guide for 17 PG thesis of PGs. in Dr. RMLH.

Educational Qualifications

Degree Year Name of College & University Registration Number Date of Registration
MD 1993 S N Medical College, Agra DMC 6450 26-02-2000
MBBS 1982 S N Medical College, Agra DMC 6450 28-07-2000

Deatils of Teaching Experience

Designation* Institution From To Duration
Professor & HOD HIMSR, New Delhi 21-07-2022 Till Date
Professor ESIC Medical college & Hospital, Faridabad, Under ministry of labour, GOI 05-02-2021 21-07-2022 1 Year 6 Months
Professor & Consultant & HOD DR RML Hospital & ABVIMS, New Delhi 2013 2020 7 Years
Associate Professor & Senior Specialist DR RML Hospital & PGIMER 2010 2013 3 Years
Assistant Professor& Senior Specialist DR RML Hospital & PGIMER 2005 2010 5 Years
Paediatrician (Specialist) (PG Teacher), Delhi University DR RML Hospital & PGIMER 1998 2005 7 Years
Chief Medical Officer & PG Teacher for DNB & Joined Central health service( CHS) as MO DDU Hospital, Govt. of NCT New Delhi Admin./DDU Hospital New Delhi 1993 1998 5 Years


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  • Devki Nandan, Manju Nimesh, Sushil Kumar, Lucky Manik, Sudershan, Nandini Duggal. Serum procalcitonin as an early inflammatory marker in pediatric ventilator- associated pneumonia: A prospective observational study. Journal of Pediatric Critical Care2021;8(5):229-234 (Original Study-6)
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  • With Best Employee (Among Faculty) of year 2016-17,ABVIMS,DrRML Hospital.
  • My Paper Selected for Award for Consultant category as presenter:Respicon 2019 ( IAP pune) National Conference .
  • Commendation Roll for awareness lecture on HIV conducted on World Population day on 11 july 2005 at IRB campus Kavaratti.
  • (My PG, Dr Shamitha R. (ABVIMS & RMLH)) with Dr. PN Taneja in annual Function of Delhi Indian Academy of Paediatrics 12th December 2021. I was a thesis guide for this paper. My PG Dr.Sumanth&Dr. Preeti also done oral presentation in this conference on 12 December 2019 in Hotel shangri La connaght place new Delhi.
  • 2nd place for Poster presentation done by my PG Dr Kavita Srivastava (My PG) at Delhi RESPICON 2019.This was moderated by me. 6.3rd place for Poster presentation done by Dr Ranjani Upadhyay (My Resident) at Delhi RESPICON 2019.This was moderated by me.
  • Awards :Dr Anusha my PG selected IAP Delhi divisional & north zone went national round in National conference Pedicon 2018 . I was her thesis guide. 8. Award: First place in IAP. Respiratory chapter National Award for Young Paediatrician Respicon 2016: PG: Parchi Kansal .i was thesis guide for this research paper.
  • A paper of Dr. Kaveri Pandit (My PG) was selected for IJP award in AIIMS in Pediatrics in July 2019. I was her thesis guide for this paper.

Membership of Academic Bodies Societies

  • Indian Academy of Paediatrics (Life Member) IAP.
  • Delhi Chapter.
  • Respiratory chapter India.
  • Paediatric Respiratory Society.
  • National Neonatal Forum India
  • NNF Delhi.
  • American Thoracis Society from 2014 to 2018!

Workshops/ CMEs/ Conference Organised

  • As a expert panel for ILD in children (12th Jan 2020, Indore Pedicon) expert panel For ILD in children on 12th Jan 2020, Indore Pedicon.
  • Act as a master trainer in 2019 for childhood pneumonia management under MOHFW Govt. India, taught theory at Hotel Lalit to the trainers (participants from all over india) and Practical training Dr.RML Hospital, New Delhi
  • Chair person for 3rd international conference for childhood allergies (SGRH, Delhi). From 8 to 10 march 2019.
  • Faculty for bronchoscopy workshop at Pedicon (6th Feb, 2019).
  • Chairperson at NDPC 2019 24th march Delhi.
  • Chairperson at KSCH CME in pediatrics 2019, organized by Department of pediatrics at Swarna Jayanti Auditorium LHMC & Kalawati Saran children’s hospital, New Delhi from 23rd to 24th February 2019 as a faculty.
  • Unusual case (Biotin Thiamine Metabolic dysfunction syndrome) was presented by my resident in Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Delhi on 21/02/2019. I was moderator for this case.
  • Faculty in “Bronchoscopy” Workshop on 3rd January 2018 at 55thNational conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (PEDICON 2018).
  • Presented a case by my resident of Capillary hepatica in annual IAP meet Hospital in Feb 2018 I was a moderator
  • Judge for Sarla Vaishnava Award of IAP Delhi on 16 December, 2018.
  • Chairperson for session on Chest X-ray and lung ultrasound in office practice at IAP North Delhi on 18 March, 2018 at Crown Plaza, Delhi.
  • Poster paper National Award on 19th - 20th nov 2016 (IAP respicon) Poster Paper National Award on 19th - 20th Nov 2016 (IAP respicon).
  • Faculty at workshop on neonatal and pediatric cardiology in sept 2007 at Dr. RML Hospital
  • Faculty for workshop of pediatric bronchoscopy on 6th - 7th Sep 2016, Gurgaon. Hospital.
  • Faculty for 6th international neonatal nursing conference from 15th - 18th sept 2007
  • Poster paper presentation on congenital TB in ATS 2014, San Diego, California USA on 16th may 2014.
  • Participated in “Basic & Advanced: pediatric bronchoscopy Workshop/Pulmonology CME-2014 as a faculty at gurgaon fortis hospital
  • Trainer on management of DF/DHF/DSS organized by SDMC Delhi
  • Poster paper presentation on hyper IgM SYNDROME IN RESPICON 2013 Hyderabad.
  • Poster paper presentation on tubercular empyema thoracic suspected Polyresistance in Pedicon 2013.
  • Poster paper presentation on unusual case of CDH in Respicon 8th- 9th nov. 2013 (Hyderabad).
  • Poster paper presentation on hepatitis E infection as prolonged cholestasis at Pedicon 2013.
  • Poster paper presentation on pure red cell aplasia in Pedicon 2012 on 18th Jan at Gurgaon.
  • Poster paper presentation on salmonella typhi empyema in Pedicon 2012 at18th Jan in Gurgaon.
  • Poster paper presentation on National conference IAP resp chapter on 26th-28th Oct 2012 .(Chandigarh).
  • Faculty for 6 th international Neonatal nursing conference on 15 september 2007.
  • Lecture on public awareness on asthma in Lakshdweep on29 july 2005/
  • Poster Paper presentation on Outcome Predictors in Pediatric Head Trauma in Annual conference of Neurological society of India. On 12 December 2003.

Workshops/ CMEs/ Conference Attended

  • NNF Gujrat chapter on 24 october 2020.AIIMS 2020 PICU ON 22-23 FEB.
  • Respicon 2019 at Pune 11-13 october 2019
  • Respicon 2018 at Indore on 23rd -25 th Nov.2018.
  • AIIMS Pulmocrit 2018 on 31st-1st April 2018
  • National Pediatric TB update on 15 July 2018at New Delhi
  • Ventilation workshop 6-7 may 2017. Certificate course on Pediatric Pulmonology from 24th-30 April .
  • Workshop on Basic of scientific writing on 18/12/2017.
  • National conference PICU On 2-5 nov,2017.Respicon 2017 at bangalore on on 27 october .
  • Pedicon2017 at bangalore on 18-22 january
  • RESPICON 2016 at Delhi
  • Respicon 2015 at Mumbai from 12-13 december
  • Pedicon 2015 from 22-25 Jan. at Hotel Ashok New Delhi
  • AIIMS module 2 bronchoscopy on 12-13 oct.2014.
  • AttendedCME on neonatal at Appolo hospital on 31st March 2002
  • Advances in Asthma vp chest institute Delhi on 22-24 Feb,2002
  • Respicon2013 on 8th -10th Nov.Hyderabad
  • Respicon 2012 on 26-28 october 2012 at chandigarh.
  • Attended Genetics on 15-16 December 2007 at SGRH New Delhi
  • Pedicon 2012 & Also attended Gurugram,
  • RESPICON 2012 at Chandigarh
  • PEDICON2011 at Jaipur. On 19 jan.2011
  • Respicon 2009 at Kottyam kerala on 12-13 september 2009. PICU at chandigarh on 2/2/2008 t0 3/2/2008
  • National conference of PCC on 2nd December SGRH.Neonatal Ventilation on 28=29 july 2007. At SGRH, CME on AUTISM on 20th March 2007
  • NNF CME Delhi on 14-15 april at New delhi
  • Silver Neocon 2005 at Indore On 1-5 th December 2005
  • Neonatal HOT topics on 11th September 2005at Appollo center’.
  • CME On Neonatology on 4-6 Feb.2005 at AIIMS
  • PEDICON2003 at Mumbai 2-5 th jan 2003.
  • National CME in Neonatology on 11-12 oct.2003
  • Multidisciplinary CME held on 29-30 march at AIIMS
  • Pediatric TB on 28 April 2002 new Delhi
  • NNF Annual conference at Kochi Kerala on19-22nd December 2002
  • SAARC on reduction of Childhood neuro morbidity on 7-11 August 2002
  • Pedicon patna on 8 th febto 11 feb.2001Patna,Persistant Pediatric
  • Problem on 23 rd July 2000 at Mata chanan devi hospital new Delhi
  • Pediconon 27-30 jan.2000 at Hyderabad.
  • WHO National training on 9 th Nov.2000 at RML Hospital.
  • National conference of Pediatric infectious disease on9 oct,1999 at India habitat centre
  • Many Public awareness Programme on Radio & also on TV
  • Attended training for HIV on 21 June1999.under NACO
  • Update on Pediatric gastro. On 26 nov.1998 New Delhi
  • Pedicon on8th jan,1998. At chochin
  • National polio surveillance project 1998 at RML Hospital
  • Pediatric Cardiology Update 1997 at MAMC. New Delhi
  • Attended update on polytrauma on 7 th sep.1997 GB Pant hospital n.Delhi.
  • Attended Indo-US Seminar on PCCM at sunderlal jain New Delhi
  • Training of ANM ON 30/01/1995 at DDUhospital New Delhi.Indo-us conference on Pediatric Pulmonology& TB new Delhi on 11-12 Feb. 1995
  • Indo US seminar on PCCM on 14-15 jan, Delhi
  • Immunisation Update on 7 th may 1994,organized by IAP West. In New Delhi.
  • Attended update on Pediatric gastroenterology. On 5 th -7 th feb,1993,organized by MCI& American association of Physician.