Doctor's Profile

Dr Mary Abraham

MBBS, MD, DNB, FICA, Diploma in Hospital Management

Professor, Department of Anaesthesia

Reg. Number: DMC-11685


Dr Mary Abraham is Professor Anaesthesiology in Hamdard Institute of Medical Science and Research, New Delhi, India. She did her MBBS from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore, MD Anaesthesiology from AIIMS, New Delhi, DNB Anaesthesiology and Diploma in Hospital Management from NIHFW. Her field of experience is in Neuroanaesthesiology, Neurocritical care, Pain and Palliative Care management. She was awarded the WHO fellowship in Paediatric Neuroanaesthesiology in 1997. She organized the 1st conference of the Indian Society Neuroanaesthesiology and Critical Care (ISNACC) in 1999 and was president of ISNACC in 2006-2007. She has organized several Neuroanaesthesia and Pain conferences, Neuromonitoring and Pain workshops. She has 33 publications in national and international journals and has contributed chapters in various books on Anaesthesia and Neuroanaesthesia. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award by Delhi Neurological Association for contribution to Neurosciences in Delhi in 2017. She has authored a book, Conquering Pain, published by Harper Collins in 2019 and her second book, Mind over Matter: How to conquer Chronic Pain, is currently under publication.

Area of Interest

  • Neuroanaesthesia, Pain and Palliative Care

Educational Qualifications

Degree Year Name of College & University Registration Number Date of Registration
MBBS 1976 Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore University DMC-11685
MD 1983 AIIMS, New Delhi DMC-11685
DNB 1985 National Board of Examinations DMC-11685 14-11-2021

Deatils of Teaching Experience

Designation* Institution From To Duration
Professor HIMSR, NewDelhi Till Date
HOD & Director Fortis Hospital, Noida 2004 2016 12 Years
Professor G B Pant Hospital 1995 2004 9 Years
Associate Professor G B Pant Hospital 1990 1995 5 Years
Assistant Professor G B Pant Hospital 1988 1990 2 Years


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Research Work & Projects

  • Thesis project for DHM Conducted a study on Efficacy of Same Day Surgery Program at Fortis Hospital as a Thesis Project for submission for Diploma in Hospital Management at NIHFW, New Delhi, entitled, “To Evaluate The Quality & Efficiency of Same Day Surgery Programme at Fortis Hospital, Noida.”
  • Clinical Audits conducted at Fortis Hospital: “To prospectively evaluate over investigations being done in PAC in ASA I/II patients for same day elective surgery.”
  • “To retrospectively evaluate the adherence to Antibiotic Microbial Stewardship (AMS) program protocol for surgical antibiotic prophylaxis in patients posted for elective cardiac surgery and neurosurgery at Fortis Hospital Noida.”


  • Was awarded a WHO fellowship in Paediatric Neuroanaesthesiology in 1997. Went as observer to Children’s Hospital, Boston, Harvard and Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia. USA.
  • Elected President of the Indian Society of Neuroanaesthesiology & Critical Care 2006-2007
  • Program Director for Post-doctoral Fellowship in Neuroanaesthesia at Fortis Hospital, Noida from 2011 till 2016.
  • Awarded Fellowship of Indian College (FICA) of Anaesthesia in June 2015
  • Diploma in Hospital Management, NIHFW, New Delhi July 2016
  • Foundation Course in Pain & Palliative Medicine Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Services, Trivandrum, November 2016
  • Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award by DNA for contribution to Neurosciences in Delhi in February 2017
  • Section Editor, Journal of Neuroanaesthesiology and Critical Care till 2017
  • Awarded Commendation for her outstanding contribution as member of Delhi Neurological Association in February 2023 at 25th Annual Conference of DNA.
  • Felicitated for Excellence in Anaesthesia by The Anaesthetist Society on 5th March 2023.

Membership of Academic Bodies Societies

  • Indian Society of Anaesthesia (ISA)
  • Indian Society of Neuroanaesthesiology & Critical Care (ISNACC)
  • Journal of Anaesthesiology & Clinical Pharmacology (RSACP)
  • Indian Association of Study of Pain (IASP)
  • Indian College of Anaesthesiology (ICA)
  • Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC)

Invited Talks and Lectures

  • Delivered the Prof R.N.Chatterjee oration at the Annual meeting of the Association of Neuroscientists of Eastern India at Imphal, November 2003. Title of the oration “Cerebral Perfusion Pressure Thresholds in Severe Traumatic Head Injury- Current trends”.
  • Delivered the GR Gode Oration at the 9th ISNACC, Trivandrum, January 2009. Title of oration “Resuscitation of the ischemic brain.”
  • Delivered the VA Punnose Oration at ISACON 2019 at New Delhi April 2019, “Future Generation of Anaesthesiologists: kSome Challenges, Some Opportunities.”
  • Delivered the AD Sehgal Oration at DNACON 2023 at New Delhi, February 2023, “Patient Safety in Anaesthesia & Total Pain Management.”

Workshops/ CMEs/ Conference Organised

  • Organizing Secretary of 1st Indian Society of Neuronaesthesiology & Critical Care Conference in 1999.
  • Organizing Secretary, Head & Spine Trauma Conference, “Craniospinal Trauma Con 2005” Joint Neuroanaesthesiology & Neurosurgeons conference, May 2005.
  • Organizing Secretary, CME cum Hands on Cadaveric Workshop on Interventional Techniques in Chronic Pain Management, December 2005.
  • CME & Launch of Pain Clinic in October 2005
  • CME & Hands on workshop of Low Back Pain, November 2010, Fortis Hospital, Noida.
  • Multimodality management of Low Back Pain. Lecture series of Fortis Institute of Neurosciences, April 2011.
  • Acute Pain Service CME cum launch at Fortis Hospital Noida in July 2012.
  • Organizing chairperson of “ANESYM 2013 – Recent Advances in Perioperative Fluid Management” in February 2013 at India International Centre, New Delhi.
  • Organized “Recent Advances in Pain Management” at Fortis Hospital, Noida on 16th February 2013.
  • Organizing Chairperson, First Integrated Pain Management1. Live Workshop cum Hands On cum CME on Low Back Pain. Fortis Hospital & India International Centre. 29th & 30th November 2014.
  • Organizing Chairperson, CME & Workshop on Essential Pain Management at Fortis Hospital, September 2015.
  • Organized & Coordinator of Neuromonitoring workshops in various institutions in Delhi, Lucknow and Srinagar in 2013, 2014 & 2015.

Workshops/ CMEs/ Conference Attended

  • 25th Delhi Neurological Association annual meeting, February 2023, New Delhi. Gave the AD Sehgal oration.
  • ISSPCON 2023 annual meeting and workshop, February 2023. Was faculty for the Dry Needling workshop.