Doctor's Profile

Prof. (Dr.) Mridu Dudeja

MBBS, MD, MBA (Gold Medalist)

Professor, Department of Microbiology

Reg. Number: DMC-21875


Prof. (Dr.) Mridu Dudeja an acclaimed microbiologist, assumed her role as the Dean/ Principal HIMSR & HAHC Hospital in 2020. She is responsible for maintaining and further developing the standards of both Medical teaching and Healthcare services at HIMSR & HAHC Hospital. Prof. Dudeja provides vision and leadership across all aspects of medical activities including research strategy, educational policy, relationships with external agencies, interactions with Foundation Trust, improving diversity and equality and the use of resources. She works closely with the Management, Medical Superintendent and Heads of the 21 Departments to foster strong interdisciplinary links across the spectrum of academic activity and with other medical institutions and hospitals to help maintain excellence in teaching & training for undergraduate and postgraduate courses including other hospital activities.

Prior to her current position, she has served distinctly as the Head Department of Microbiology at HIMSR & HAHCH. Her work at HIMSR spans from diagnostics and medical teaching to clinical research including setting up of an NABL accredited State of Art, Molecular Biology Lab. She initiated the MSc., PhD and PG programs in the Department of Microbiology

As the Director Quality Control & Assurance, Prof. Dudeja was involved in formulating hospital policies and training programs. She also worked in close collaboration with partners both governmental and non-governmental as an NABL & NABH Quality Assessor to ensure that all, patient and organisation centric practices are carried out with internationally recognized best practices. She was instrumental in getting HAHC Hospital, NABH accredited.

Prof. Dudeja also spearheaded the Department of Paramedical Sciences with a wide range of degree and diploma courses with the strength of nearly 1500 students.

International work experience as Associate Dean (Professor) & Head Microbiology at RAK Medical & Health Science University; Ras-Al- Khaimah, UAE adds to her rich and diverse academic profile.

Prof. Dudeja is backed by versatile work experience as Associate Professor (Microbiology) at Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC) and as Associate Professor/ Assistant Professor / Senior Resident (Microbiology) at Lady Hardinge Medical College (LHMC), the two renowned medical colleges in India.

Trained at the most prestigious institute, Prof. Dudeja has earned her undergraduate medical degree (1975) and master’s degree in Microbiology (1981) from Lady Hardinge Medical College. She has also received Post M.D. Training in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in 2001 and was a certified specialist Microbiologist in Public Health & Medical Laboratory from USA. Prof. Dudeja is the proud owner of Gold Medal in MBA (Health Care Administration) from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University in 2012.

A pioneering microbiologist-scientist, Prof. Dudeja’s research interests are focused on Tuberculosis, Bacterial Gasteroenteritis and Bacterial pathogenesis. She has authored more than 30 research articles in reputed national and international journals.

Area of Interest

  • Principal area of research includes of Tuberculosis
  • Principal area of research includes of Bacterial Gastroenteritis
  • Principal area of research includes of Bacterial Pathogenesis.

Educational Qualifications

Degree Year Name of College & University Registration Number Date of Registration
MBA 2012 Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University
NABL Assessor Training: National Accreditation Board for Laboratories 2011 Quality Council of India
NABH Assessor Training: Essential Standards for Medical Laboratories 2010 Quality Council of India
Certified Specialist Microbiologist Public Health & Medical Laboratory 2008 American Society Microbiology, U.S.A
Post M.D. Training in Biotechnology 2001 AIIMS, New Delhi
Residency in Microbiology 1984 LHMC, Delhi DMC-21875
MD 1981 LHMC, Delhi University DMC-21875
MBBS 1975 LHMC, Delhi University DMC-21875

Deatils of Teaching Experience

Designation* Institution From To Duration
Dean HIMSR, New Delhi 30-01-2020 Till Date
Professor & HOD HIMSR, New Delhi 05-01-2011 06-03-2021 10 Years 3 Months
Professor & HOD HIMSR, New Delhi 06-01-2011 30-01-2020 9 Years 1 Month
Associate Professor HIMSR, New Delhi 07-01-2001 08-11-2011 10 Years 10 Months
Director Lab SLJ Hospital, Delhi 09-01-2008 04-12-2010 2 Years 11 Months
Dean, Professor & HOD RAK Medical & Health Sciences University, Ras-Al-Khaimah, UAE 08-01-2006 08-01-2007 1 Year
Associate Professor TMMC 01-02-2008 31-08-2009 1 Year 06 Months 30 Days
Associate Professor MAMC 18-08-1988 31-10-1991 3 Years 02 Months 13 Days
Associate Professor LHMC 05-04-1988 18-08-1988 04 Months 27 Days
Assistant Professor LHMC & Central Govt. Hospitals with Public Health Laboratories, MOHFW, Delhi, India 15-03-1985 15-04-1988 3 Years
Senior Resident LHMC, New Delhi 01-04-1981 30-06-1984 2 Years 2 Months 29 Days
Junior Resident LHMC, New Delhi 01-04-1978 31-03-1981 2 Years 11 Months 30 Days


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Membership of Academic Bodies Societies

  • IAMM
  • NABL & NABH Assessor
  • DMC