Department of Pathology HIMSR & HAHC Hospital is in process of procurement of a Cryostat

CryostatDepartment of Pathology HIMSR & HAHC Hospital is in process of procurement of a Cryostat. The interested manufacture/suppliers are requested to submit in separate seal covers the technical bid, price quotations Satisfactory Working Report from Institutes supplied by them to HOD Pathology/ Purchase section.


  1. Open-top Cryostat
  2. The unit can be moved by means of steering castors with locking screws.
  3. UV C light surface disinfection.
  4. Large cooling chamber with plain surfaces and draining system, easy to clean and disinfect.
  5. Cryo-chamber temperature variable from +5ºC down to -35 ºC.
  6. Sufficient storage space inside the cooling chamber with removable section waste trays and brush shelf.
  7. Electronic control via touch pad keyboard for rapid selection and adjustment of functions, including 10 to 12 minutes specimen fast freeze function.
  8. Programmable “Memory function” for fast and automatic retrieval of a pre-stored start position of sectioning.
  9. Automatic 24-h-defroster with interrupt key.
  10. Freezing bar with stations down to -35 ºC for storage of specimen chucks.
  11. Integrated peltier for rapid freezing down to -55ºC to limit ice crystal formation within the specimen.
  12. Heated sliding window.
  13. Florescent lamp illumination of cryo-chamber with separate on/off switch.
  14. Rotary microtome with reliable stepper motor technology for reproducible thickness.
  15. Section thickness setting from 1 to 500µm split into fine section thickness and trimming thickness range.
    • Fine section range from 1 to 20µm
    • Trim section range from 10 to 50 µm
  16. Motorised coarse and fine feed via stepping motor.
  17. LED display of section counter, sum of section thicknesses and remaining travel to front end position.