Theatre of the Oppressed: Reclaiming Humanity in Medicine

Theatre of the Oppressed

Theatre of the Oppressed: Reclaiming Humanity in Medicine

Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research is conducting a two-day Workshop on Medical Humanities through the technique of Theatre of Oppressed.

In a series of games and exercises to dynamize the senses and promote deep reflection, the participants challenge their understanding of attitudes, behaviour, compassion and communication, diversity and dialogue, and ethics and empathy.

In Forum theatre an area of oppression is presented and the audience is encouraged to step into the role of the oppressed actors and demonstrate what they would do to change the outcome. The spectators are encouraged to be ‘spect-actors’ and further ‘spect-activists’.

Participants learn about their own and others’ hidden abilities, learn to work in teams, and understand how to recognize and counteract oppression.

It is open to students, teachers, or healthcare staff from any health professions.
Date: 15-16 March 2019 (Friday-Saturday)
Time: 9 AM to 4 PM
Investment- Rs. 1000/-

The Workshop will be conducted by Dr. Navjeevan Singh and Dr. Satendra Singh from Medical Humanities Group, UCMS, Delhi.

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