Workshop on The Theater of the Oppressed : Rehumanizing the Medicine

HIMSR is organizing Theater of the Oppressed Workshop on 10-11 October (Thursday-Friday).

The workshop is being conducted by Dr. Navjeevan Singh and Dr. Upreet Dhaliwal.

Registration fees – Rs. 1000/-

Participants – 25

To register for the workshop, click on the link below


‘Theatre of the oppressed’ (TO) was initiated by the legendary Brazilian theatre master Augusto Boal. TO is a revolutionary and transformative tool that has found enthusiastic acceptance among educators of all disciplines worldwide. It has been used in numerous institutions across India in workshops amongst students and faculty members to develop empathy, communication, and problem-solving.


Workshop Methodology:

The workshop will use innovative theatre games and techniques to help about 25 participants learn about themselves and others. In a series of games and exercises to dynamize the senses and promote deep reflection, the participants challenge their understanding of attitudes, behavior, compassion and communication, diversity and dialogue, and ethics and empathy.

It would prepare participants for working towards discussing oppressive problems that beset the health-care community. The participants, in small groups of 4-5 each, once they begin to trust each other, will share experiences that relate to conflict by an oppressor in their personal or professional life. Each group will choose one of these real-life stories of oppression and prepare it for the Forum Theatre. Forum Theatre involves the presentation of 1 or 2 short plays documenting oppression before a larger audience. Spectators choose one area of oppression (i.e. one play) that they wish to explore further and are then encouraged to step into the role of the oppressed actors and demonstrate what they would do to change the outcome. The spectators are encouraged to be ‘spect-actors’ and further ‘spect-activists’.

_TO is fun and intense learning without lectures and power-points._


Participants learn about their own and others’ hidden abilities, learn to work in teams, and understand how to recognize and counteract oppression. In healthcare settings, this helps in the development of sensory perceptions, communications, empathy, problem-solving and negotiation.

Prospective Participants:

Our prospective participant would be anyone willing to challenge the conventional. It will be open to students, teachers, or any staff. Participants can be from any faculty. Prior knowledge of, and experience with, any form of theater is NOT necessary.

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For any additional information

Contact Dr. Aqsa Shaikh at 8527148505, or contact Dr. Azra Hasan at 9717622407