Prof. Mridu Dudeja ( Dean HIMSR )

It gives me immense pleasure to be penning my thoughts today for the new website of our college. In today’s rapidly changing  environment, especially that of Medical Education, its highly imperative that we keep abreast with the best in the field if not become the best by keeping in touch with the latest advancements and innovations in the field of Medicine.

We are blessed to have the very best of young students joining us through NEET every year and also the very best of young, enthusiastic and experienced wise faculty to take the college forward.

Within six years of inception we have already started Post Graduate courses in pre and para clinical subjects and the process for getting permission for starting PG courses in clinical subjects is ongoing.

At HIMSR we lay a lot of stress on research work as that is the ultimate parameter of judging the work being carried out at all levels. I feel proud to state that the work being carried out by our Faculty is being recognized in the best of national and international journals.

Also, our students are constantly being encouraged to take up projects on various topics and they are being recognized by Delhi Government and ICMR also.. In keeping with the spirit of acquiring excellence, our college has been going beyond the requirement of MSR and we have added super speciality clinics and super speciality departments in various subjects. Each department is in the process of being developed as a state of art department with addition of the very best of equipment so that we no longer have to refer patients to other centres.

Believing in overall development of our medical students, who would be taking the name of our institute forward, we also lay a lot of emphasis on cultural and sports activities for that fosters a spirit of camaraderie and friendship between students themselves and between staff and students.

I wish the entire staff and students of HIMSR the very best in their endeavours and may they keep the Flag of HIMSR flying high.

Jai Hind