Internship Guidelines


Guidelines For Internship Training Programme


Internship is a phase of training wherein a graduate is expected to learn methods/modalities to conduct actual practice of medical and health care and acquire skills under supervision so that he/she may become capable of functioning independently. NO OTHER JOB WILL BE PERMITTED DURING PERIOD OF INTERNSHIP.

At the end of the Internship Training, the student shall be able to:

  1. Diagnose and manage clinically common disease conditions encountered in Clinical practice and make timely decision for referral to higher level.
  2. Appropriate use of essential drugs, infusions blood or its substitutes and laboratory services.
  3. Manage all type of emergencies – Medical, Surgical Obstetric, Neonatal and Paediatric.
  4. Demonstrate skills in monitoring of the National Health Programmes and Schemes, oriented to provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services to the community.
  5. Develop leadership qualities to function effectively as a leader of the health team organized to deliver the health and family welfare services in existing socio-economic, political and cultural environment.
  6. Render services to chronically sick and disabled (both physical and mental) and to communicate effectively with patient and the community.
  7. Acquire adequate communication skills for proper interactions with:
  1. Patients and Attendants
  2. Seniors
  3. Peer Group
  4. Other paramedical workers
  1. Acquire ability, to judiciously select appropriate investigation as per clinical situation, properly collect samples for analysis and, to interpret common clinical and laboratory data.
  2. To fill appropriate hospital forms and certificates.
  3. To carry out day to day ward procedures and treatment as per the latest list prepared by MCI/NMC




As per Medical Council of India, vide notification No. MCI-7(1)/2008-Med.Miswc/3309 dated 22 November, 2008, gazette Notification No. MCI-34(41)2008–Med./29527 dated 20.10.2008.


Community Medicine 2 Months
Medicine including 15 days of Psychiatry 2 Months
Surgery including 15 days Anesthesia 2 Months
Obstt./Gynae. including Family Welfare Planning 2 Months
Paediatrics 1 Month
Orthopaedics including PMR 1 Month
ENT 15 days
Ophthalmology 15 days
Casualty 15 days
Elective Postings 15 days


Subjects for Elective posting may chosen from be any of the following provided not more than 3 students will go to one department simultaneously:

  • Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
  • Radio-Diagnosis
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Blood Bank
  • Psychiatry




  1. Every student will be required after passing the final MBBS examination to undergo Compulsory Rotational Internship to the satisfaction of the College Authorities and Jamia Hamdard for a period of 12 months so as to be eligible for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and full registration.
  2. All parts of the Internship shall be done in the institution from where the student has been enrolled for his MBBS studies.
  3. No Intern will be permitted to do externship in hospitals within the NCR of Delhi.
  4. In case a student desires to do internship from other institutions within India, in any institution/hospital recognized by MCI for the purpose, permission must be taken both from the desired Institute as well as Jamia Hamdard at the beginning of the internship programme. However, permission may be granted by the University at any time considering the exigencies and merit on case to case basis.
  5. The College shall issue a provisional MBBS pass certificate on passing the final examination.




  1. The Intern shall participate as a team member in total health care programme of an individual including appropriate follow-up and social rehabilitation. The Intern will work as a Doctor undergoing training and is expected to work for the well-being of the patients under his care.
  2. The Intern shall be entrusted with clinical responsibilities under supervision of a faculty member. He/she shall not work independently.
  3. Interns will not issue a Medical Certificate or a Death Certificate or a medico legal document under his/her signature.
  4. Intern will participate in total patient care by maintaining patient records, participating in ward rounds and other academic activities of the department posted.
  5. Notwithstanding any of the above, the Intern will be required to carry out any work assigned by the Unit In charge.





  1. Interns shall maintain a Logbook which shall be verified and certified by the Unit In charge under whom he works, during his internship period.
  2. Responsibility of safe custody of the Logbook rests on the Intern.
  3. The Logbook provides proforma in various specialties which indicates skills to be acquired during the specific posting.
  4. All leave taken must be entered and signed under seal by Head of the Departments/Units.
  5. An objective evaluation of his knowledge, skill and attitude during the training will be recorded by the Unit In charge/Centre In charge and a score of 0 to 5 would be used for scoring. A satisfactory completion shall be a score of 3 or above.
    1. Proficiency of knowledge required for each case Score 0-5
    2. The level of competence attained to manage cases in relation to:

Management of cases independently

Assistance in procedures

Observation of Procedures Score 0-5

  1. Responsibility, punctuality, work up of case, involvement in treatment, follow-up reports. Score 0-5
  2. Capacity to work in a team (Behavior with colleagues, nursing staff and relationship with paramedical)      Score 0-5
  3. Initiative, participation in discussion, research aptitude Score 0-5


Very Poor Poor Below Average Average Good Very Good and above
0 1 2 3 4 5



The total number of casual leaves (including sick leave etc.) allowed for the year is 12 days (maximum). For part duration of internship, leaves permitted will be calculated on pro-rata basis.

For any leave / absence exceeding the above, Interns will be required to repeat posting in that department

Leave taken in one particular department should not exceed the following:

  1. Not more than 03 days will be permitted in a posting of 15 Days
  2. Not more than 06 days will be permitted in a posting of 1 month
  3. Not more than 09 days will be permitted in a posting of 2 month

Leave must be entered in the internship booklet and signed by the unit in-charge & Head of the Department.

Any leave of more than 4 days duration may be availed only after permission from Head of the Department.




To avoid any unnecessary delay in clearance, a signed ‘No Dues’ Certificate should be taken by the Intern at the end of each posting from the concerned department.







Stipulation for repeat posting/ extension:

  • Unsatisfactory performance.
  • Prolonged illness, Medical Certificate must be validated by a Medical Board set up by the Institution, where rotatory internship is being undertaken.
  • No Hostel accommodation shall be provided for the extension period.
  • The intern will not be paid stipend during the period of extension


Guidelines for HIMSR students wanting to pursue Internship from outside HIMSR

Ordinarily rotatory internship must be undertaken in the institution, where the student has enrolled.  However, a student can do internship in NMC (MCI) approved hospital/institution for which the following guidelines may be followed:


  1. A student must apply for permission to do internship outside Delhi. Before considering the student’s application to do internship in another hospital / medical college he/she will be required to produce the following documents:
  1. Permission from the institution, where the student wishes to do internship
  2. Certificate from the hospital/institution that is recognized by NMC for undergoing internship training
  3. Permission from HIMSR
    1. All students intending to do internship outside must submit duly completed application to the concerned authorities at the beginning of the internship program not later than 15 days prior to start of Internship Program.
  4. No externship can be for less than two months.
  5. Rotatory Internship in Community Medicine must be completed within HIMSR.
  • A certificate of satisfactory completion of training should be submitted to the Institution duly signed and stamped by the administrative authorities of the Institution, where the student has undergone externship.
  1. Externship in multiple institutes will not be permitted.
  2. Externship once done in a particular institution/hospital recognized by (NMC) cannot be repeated in parent institution. Appropriate certification from the institution including documentation of leaves availed, where externship was done must be submitted & approved by HIMSR authorities.




The prime responsibility and commitment of the institution is to train its own Under-graduates during their rotatory internship period. However, students from outside may apply for rotatory internship training to Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research.

Ordinarily the capacity and infrastructure of the institutions is to train only the number of students that they have enrolled. The number of externship permitted by HIMSR should be restricted to equal the number of HIMSR students going for externship. This is in interest of adequate training being provided. However, a maximum of 10% over & above the number of HIMSR graduates may be permitted, providing the following conditions are fulfilled. In case of severe exigency, when the applicants exceed the above mentioned number, permission may be granted by Dean, HIMSR after documenting appropriate reasons.

  1. Application of the students giving reasons to do internship and documentary proof thereof.
  2. No Objection Certificate from his/her parent institution/ University clearly stating that institution is recognized by NMC.
  3. Certificate of provisional registration by Delhi Medical Council.
  4. Certificate of good character and conduct of the student from the parent college/institution.
  5. Permission of Dean, HIMSR.
  6. Security amount of Rs. 25,000/- to be submitted before the start of Externship, which will be refunded after successful completion of Externship after 6 month on submission of ‘No Dues certificate’.
  7. An Affidavit on Rs. 200/- stamp paper that the student is prepared to do externship in HIMSR & HAHCH without any pay, stipend or honorarium:
  8. That he/she would follow the Internship Program of the HIMSR
  9. That he/she would maintain good conduct, discipline and decorum of the institution and the authorities of HIMSR/ University have the right to expel him/her on misconduct, indiscipline and unsatisfactory work.

Externship by Foreign Graduates:

  1. The number of externship permitted to foreign medical graduates must be within the total number of externship permitted at HIMSR.
  2. Application of the students giving reasons to do internship and documentary proof thereof.
  3. No Objection Certificate from his/her parent institution/University.
  4. Delhi provisional registration certificate
  5. Proof of ID, Proof of Mailing Address, Proof of Permanent Address, MBBS Attempt Certificate, Mark sheet (All Prof).
  6. Security amount of Rs. 25,000/- to be submitted before the within of Externship which will be refunded after successful completion of Externship after 6 month on submission of ‘No Dues certificate’.
  7. An Affidavit on Rs. 200/ Stamp paper that the student is prepared to do internship without any pay, stipend or honorarium
      • That he/she would follow the Internship rules & regulations of the HIMSR
      • That he/she would maintain good conduct, discipline and decorum of the institution and the HIMSR have the right to expel him/her on misconduct, indiscipline and unsatisfactory work.


Vacancy Position: As stated above.


How to select: If there is more than one applicant wishing to do externship at the institutions, they will be selected strictly on the basis of merit list, which will be published based on the performance in FMGE Exam for candidates passed from outside India and final aggregate MBBS marks for candidates passed out from any institution of India. If, any two applicants having same score/ tie the one with higher age will be given preference for externship.

When to apply: All applications of externship along with relevant documents should be submitted 1 month prior to start of externship program as per the format provided on website

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