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 Medical Humanities is an inter-disciplinary and inter-professional approach which combines philosophy, theology, art, drama, film, history, literature, anthropology, and other humanities subjects with medical education and practice.

Hamdard Humanities, the Medical Humanities Group at HIMSR was born on 15th March 2019.


  1. Theater of the Oppressed

The Theater of the Oppressed: Reclaiming Humanity in Medicine – March 2019

The first activity under the Medical Humanities Group was The Theater of the Oppressed which was conducted on 15-16 March 2019in collaboration with the Medical Humanities Group of UCMS, Delhi. The first TO workshop was conducted by Dr. Navjeevan Singh and Dr. Satendra Singh with around 25 participants.

Check out the photos of the Theater of the Oppressed (March 2019) here

Forum Theater in Foundation Course, MBBS 2019

The students of MBBS 2019 were exposed to the Forum Theater as part of the Foundation Course. The same was facilitated by the Hamdard Humanities Group.


  1. Humraaz – Student Support Group

Humraaz is HIMSR’s support group where students, faculty members and even guests come together to share and discuss. Humraaz was created to cater to the growing need of a Safe Space wherein the students can share their problems and issues anonymously in a non-judgmental and empathetic manner. The event is conducted once in 3-weeks post college hours with a round 15 persons. It lasts for an average of 3 hours. Started on 23rd April 2019, so far, 5 sessions of Humraaz have happened so far. The feedback received from the participants has been encouraging with many returning to attend more meetings.

“The long-lost feeling of everyone coming together and talking to each other was the best and it didn’t matter if you know them or not.” – a participant of first Humraaz Meeting.

Humraaz is a great initiative which can provide a platform for students and teachers to come together and discuss their stories of hope and courage. This can be a great opportunity for persons struggling with mental illnesses and psychological stressors to open up, talk about their problems, seek solutions and get to know the lived experience of those who have treaded the same path.

It is safe space with confidentiality and mutual trust.

Want to attend the next Humraaz meet? Contact Madhur Tyagi 7300386789


  1. HIMSR Dialogue

One of the aims of Hamdard Humanities has been to foster new ideas. It has been our rich tradition to call guest speakers having varied backgrounds to enlighten the faculty members and students on a wide range of topics. These guest lectures have been much appreciated to help discover new ideas, identify neglected areas, widen perspectives and develop empathy. We took this a step further and create a platform for such ideas presented by the guest speakers. To do so, we curated a niche forum called ‘HIMSR Dialogue’.

HIMSR Dialogue started on 30 March 2019 and is conducted once every month.


HIMSR Dialogue – Episode1 (30 March 2019)

Future Perspective in Indian Healthcare by Dr. Dharminder Nagar, CEO, Paras Group of Hospitals

HIMSR Dialogue – Episode 2 (20 April 2019)

Play Therapy in Children with Special Needs by Ms. Prachi Srivastava, Child Psychologist, at Stapoo

HIMSR Dialogue – Episode 3 (2 August 2019)

Thalassemia and other Hemoglobinopathies by Dr. J S Arora, Founder, National Thalassemia Welfare Society

HIMSR Dialogue – Episode 4 (23 August 2019)

Demystifying Gender: Addressing Felt Need by Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Association for Transgender Health in India


  1. Milaap – Welcome of Freshers

The start of the Journey of medical Education can be a daunting experience, especially for those who are away from home. There are numerous questions regarding academics and non-academics. If these queries are not resolved then it can result in anxieties. Besides, there is a looming fear of ragging. It is in this context that we wished to replace the fear of ragging with the joy of mentoring by planning a session with the students of MBBS 2019 batch with an aim to dispel anxieties and guide them with respect to topics which go beyond formal orientation.

Milaap aspires to be a gateway for the new doctors-to-be, walking through the gates of our college for the first time, for transitioning into, and being a part of the family, we call ‘Hamdardians’.

The orientation programme included presentations which touched upon several topics key to the college as well as the medical profession in general. They included:

  • The books and instruments needed and where to get them from
  • Hostel life- the experience and tackling the problems it brings
  • The Capital city- enjoying responsibly
  • Mental Health and ‘Humraaz’
  • The plethora of cultural activities and sports the Institution provides amongst many others.

This was followed by a round of questions from the 1st year students, and culminated with a lucky draw which provided a few with books and book coupons.

“The interaction that happened between juniors and seniors was a boost to confidence while approaching to our seniors in future.” – feedback from a Fresher on Milaap


  1. Jodi #1

After the splendid success of Jodi #1 in 2018, Jodi #1 was back in 2019 in a new Avatar as part of Hamdard Humanities! This time 23 Jodis competed for the coveted title. Through games of Spot-the-celebrity, crossword, pictionary, dumb-charades, identify-the-song, and finally Antakshiri, the winning Jodi was selected.

Check out the photos of Jodi #1 2019 here-


  1. Calligraphy Workshop

The Hamdard Humanities Group conducted a Calligraphy Workshop on 9th September 2019. The Workshop was conducted by Artist Tanvi Talwar. 15 participants learnt Brush Calligraphy in this workshop organized by Kartavya Singh and Sanika Deshpande of MBBS 2018 batch, on behalf of Hamdard Humanities.

Check out the photos of Calligraphy Workshop here-


  1. Workshop on Demystifying Gender

Workshop on Demystifying Gender: Addressing Felt Need, at HIMSR on 28th August 2018. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Sanjay Sharma and Dr. Bela Sharma of Association for Transgender Health in India. 30 participants comprising of a mix of students and faculty members and various specialties participated in this interactive and eye-opening session.

Check out the photos of the Workshop here-


  1. e-Hamdardians Magazine

After the publication of two physical copy editions of Hamdardians Magazine, it has now taken a digital avatar with the e-Hamdardians magazine.

Hamdard Humanities wishes to create a platform of expression for the students, faculty and guest writers. Through prose, poetry, photography and perspectives, it aims to nurture a rich exchange of views and opinions.

Check-out the stories of e-Hamdardians magazine here-