Anatomy Forms the building block of Medical Sciences. The human body a miracle of creation in its intricate design is understood through the science of Anatomy. The study of anatomical science intrigues and inspires many medical professionals to understand, study and respect the human body which helps them to become compassionate, empathetic and capable health care personnel, Understanding of human body augments medical scientific professionals to develop skillful precision for treatment and research of ailments known to humanity. “Ana” “Tomy” meaning to cut open is a doorway to understanding the ultimate model of creation THE HUMAN BODY.


  • Strive to develop state of the art infrastructure for teaching and research in Anatomy utilizing modern technologies compliant with the recent advances in medical sciences.
  • Promote multi-facet blended learning in the institution. This can be a new and ideal hybrid educational model for the future.



1. MD Anatomy
3. M.Sc (Anatomy)



The department has developed following well equipped facilities
1. Dissection hall – fully furnished for a capacity of 100 students and having a low temperature cadaver storage chamber and dissection microscope
2. Embalming area – having cadaver storage tanks, embalming machines and body sectioning machine
3. Demonstration halls (2) for a capacity of 70 students each equipped with audio visual aids
4. Histology lab – fully equipped for a capacity of 60 students with one microscope for each student
5. Museum – having specimens of Gross and regional Anatomy, Embryology, Osteology
6. Radiology section – having double panel view boxes and Radiological & specialized imaging exhibits: X – ray /CT/ MRI
7. Library with adequate number of books of anatomy and allied subjects
8. Well-furnished departmental and faculty offices (provided with desktops and internet access)