Doctor's Profile

Dr. Rachna Tewari


Professor & HOD, Department of Microbiology

Reg. Number: DMC-20719



Educational Qualifications

Degree Year Name of College & University Registration Number Date of Registration
MBBS 1999 JNMC AMU DMC-20719 01-05-2000
MD 2004 JNMC AMU DMC-20719 31-10-2010

Deatils of Teaching Experience

Designation* Institution From To Duration
Professor HIMSR, NewDelhi 17-01-23 Present
Associate Professor JNMC, AMU 11-11-2014 31-12-2020
Assistant Professor HIMSR. NewDelhi 27-12-2010 10-11-2014
Demonstrator / Tutor HIMSR. NewDelhi 01-07-2010 26-12-2010
Lecturer JNMC, AMU 28-08-2006 14-10-2006
Demonstrator / Tutor JNMC, AMU 09-08-1999 14-10-2006


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  • Shukla, R. Tewari, M Agarwal. (2004). Prevalence of Extended Spectrum beta lactamase producing Klebsiella pneumonia in a tertiary care hospital. IJMM (2004) ,22 (2):87-91.
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  • M Agarwal, I. Shukla, R. Tewari. Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of non fermenters of human infections. .Indian Journal of BioResearch 2005 ,50(6),131- 136).

Workshops/ CMEs/ Conference Organised

  • Community outreach – womens international day. 2017.
  • Induction programme for 2 nd batch ,HIIMSR.
  • Co - Organizer Dengue Symposium . 2012.
  • Street show on world AIIDS Day for Spreading Awareness.
  • Symposium on Crimean Congo Haemorrahgic fever in Feb2011

Workshops/ CMEs/ Conference Attended

  • Medical Education Workshop – HIMSR2019 .
  • CME onImmunization updates: Conducted by Department of community Medicine. HIMSR. May 2018. New Delhi
  • CME on Neurophysiology :. Conducted by Department of Physiology. HIMSR. Sep 2017. New Delhi .
  • Certificate course in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HARMONIZATION (ICH) –GOOD CLINICAL PRACTICES (GCP)Conducted by MEU India In Association with National Insititue of continuing Professional Development during session March 2018- June 2018
  • Research methodology course (three months ) .Conducted by MEU INDIA . (15 sep – 15 Dec. 2017).
  • Antibiotic Resistance : Renewed Fears 2017. Conducted by American Society of Microbiology. April , 2017 : New Delhi.
  • Workshop on Infection Control and Antibioltic Stewardship by CAHOCON on 13 th April , 2017: Max hospital New Delhi.
  • CME on diagnosis and management of Depression and Anxiety Disorders . April 2017. HIMSR. Delhi.
  • State level workshop by SAATHI and DSAC on March 2017 , New Delhi
  • 10. Research methodology course (three months ) .Conducted by MEU INDIA . (15 sep – 15 Dec. 2016).
  • CSSD : Best Practices. Organized by SRL Diagnostic. On October 23 rd 2016. Fortis escorts , New delhi.
  • Training on quality management systems and Internal Audit. By Quality Control Of India . 13- 16 thOct . 2016.
  • E- learning course by MEU INDIA from 1st October to 31 st December 2016.
  • Convegence of minds ; Bench to bedside.For better patient outcomes in ICU patients. . 7. May 2016. Indian habitat centre. Delhi.
  • Immunization Updates. HIMSR, Delhi. 27 April. 2016.
  • Challenges in Management of Immunocompromised Host. IAMM-DC. 23 April 2016. Army hospital .Delhi.
  • ASM CME cum Workshop on Emerging Infections in India . 21st April. 2016.AIIMS . Delhi.
  • National symposium on challenges in tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment.30 March 2016 . AIIMS, Delhi.
  • Workshop on assessment of practical and clinical skills. 11 March. 2016. Jamia hamdard. New delhi
  • CME : Infection in cancer Patients. IAMM-DC. Balaji Institute .8 Aug 2015.
  • CME in Dermatopathology- 7.4. 2015.HIMSR. Delhi.
  • Basic Course Workshop in Medical education Technology. Conducted by MAMC .16- 18 April,2015.
  • Workshop : Ebola and viral Haemorrhagic fever. 26.11.2015. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital . Delhi.
  • Modern Technology to combat vector borne diseases: reducing morbidity and mortality.20.9.2014. !AMM-DC. Hotel jaypeeSiddhartha . New delhi.
  • Infection control workshop. 30 Aug 2014.Max Hospital saket.
  • CME: Invasive candidiasis In Indian ICU. IAMM- DC.
  • CME and Workshop onDiagnostic Microbiology: Newer Trends and Advances. HIMSR. 21 Dec 2013.
  • CME on Clinical infectious disease update arranged by NBE.
  • Symposium on E- learning
  • CME on medicolegal issue HIMSR
  • Art of scientific writing Nov 2012, LHMC Delhi
  • IX National autoantibody workshop .SGPGI,SEP 2012 Lucknow.
  • Teaching methodology . HIMSR, Jamia Hamdard
  • MRSA in Hospital Staff – an emerging threat ,inmicrocon 2012.
  • UP MICROCON – 2007.3 rd Annual UP chapter conference of IAMM, Dept. of microbiology , JNMC, Aligarh.
  • Sentinel Survellance (X round)workshop to review the HIV workshop on August, 2006,LUCKNOW.
  • UP pathomicon- 2005, JNMC,AMU,ALIGARH
  • Workshop Nucleic Acid based technique PCR in diagnostic Microbiology conducted by L&TMicrobiologyReasearchcentre,SankraNetralaya, Chennai.
  • POSTER Cross Resistance to non beta lactam in ESBL producing K. pneumoniae.
  • XXIV National Congress of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist OCT 2005.SRMC& RI, CHENNAI
  • International conference on Malaria(ICMR) Malaria Research Center, Delhi.
  • 5 th International conference on AIIDS India , Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University,Chennai , 2005