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Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research and associated HAHC Hospital
Department wise faculty list
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    Associate professor

    Dentistry deptt.





    CONTRACTUAL Senior Resident from 14-02-2015 to 15-11-2015 Lecturer

    From 16-11-2015 to 26-05-2017

    Assistant Professor from 26-05-2017 to till date ASSISITANT PROFESSOR ASSISTANT PROFESSOR


    N.B. The CBME has not given theory lectures to the Subject Dentistry





    Sr. No Faculty Name Publication in Vancouver referencing style. Pubmed Indexed Yes/No Scopus
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    Research Methodology Training:


    AUGUST-DECEMBER 2020: Basic course in Biomedical Research



    Medical Educator Training:


    16th,17th, 18th April 2015: Basic Course


    6TH-8TH APRIL 2021: Revised Basic Course





    Departm ent Name of the faculty

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    Current Designati on & Date of promotio n Nature of employment

    Regular/ permanent or contract/outsou rced

    Details of Service in the Last 5 years Number of lectures taken/ye ar.

    Topics covered

    1 2 3 4
    Psychiatry Dr Nimmi A Jose


    Associate Professor & Head of Department


    Contractual 10/10/16-26/06/17


    Assistant Prof (Psych)

    Christian Medical College, Ludhiana



    Assistant Prof (Psych)

    SGT Medical College Hospital & Research Institute, Gurugram





    Associate Professor & Head

    Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, New Delhi




    1.       Schizophrenia

    2.       Psychotic disorders

    3.       Anxiety disorders

    4.       OCD

    5.       Dissociative disorders

    Psychiatry Dr Rashmi


    Assistant Professor


    Contractual 02/07/17-01/07/18 Consultant Psychiatrist


    Shrya Specialist Polyclinic, Sector 6, Dwarka, Delhi, 110075

    PH: 01125074500



    Consultant Psychiatrist

    Ayushman Hospital & Health Services, Dwarka Sector 10, New Delhi – 110075

    PH: 011 4949 5555

    30/06/19-15/12/19  Consultant Psychiatrist

    Mind Circle Neuropsychiatry & Drug De-addiction Centre, Rohini, New Delhi, 110085





    Assistant Professor


    Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, New Delhi


    1. Introduction & classification in Psychiatry

    2. Mood disorder 1

    3. Mood disorders 2

    4. Substance use disorder 1

    5. Substance use disorders 2

    6. Somatoform disorder





    Sr. No Faculty Name Publication in Vancouver referencing style. Pubmed Indexed Yes/No Scopes
    1 Dr Nimmi A Jose 1. N Jose, D Elwadhi, D Makkar. Consultation-liaison approach for the management of psychiatric manifestations in inpatients of neurology and neurosurgery wards in a tertiary superspeciality hospital in New Delhi, India. International journal of Applied Pharmaceutical and Biological Research, 2016;1(5):9-13.


    2. Gupta M, Jose N, Raikhy S, Deliberate Self-Poisoning (DSP): A Psychosocial Review, Indian Journal of Medical Specialities (2010),

    3. Sheokand N, Jose NA, Yadav P, Kapoor A, Mahla VP. A case report: Olananzapine induced neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Ind J of Psy 2019.61(9):S545-6

    4. Kapoor A, Kohli K, Kapoor A, Jose NA. Improvement in quality of life with buprenorphine in opioid dependence. NJPPP 2019;7(9):689-94

    5. Kapoor A, Kohli K, Sarma P, Kapoor A, Jose NA. Prevalence and pattern of opioid addiction in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. Int J Adv Res 2019;7(4):697-701.

    6. Jose NA, Yadav P, Kapoor A. Mahla VP. Comparision between baclofen and topiramate in alcohol dependence: A prospective study. Ind Psychiatry J 2019;28:44-50.

    7. Aggarwal N, Prakash R, Jose N. A cross-sectional study of serum folate and vitamin B12 levels in psychiatric in-patients. Prim Care Companion CNS Disord. 2019;21(0):19

    8. Yadav P, Tewari A, Arora P, Jose NA, Mahla VP, Tripathi A. To compare psychological distress, intolerance to uncertainty, and resilience in individuals quarantined for COVID-19 pandemic, and in health care providers in a tertiary care hospital. Int J Adv Res 2020;8(07):242-9.   As corresponding author

    9. Sheokand N, Jose NA, Kapoor A, Arora P, Mahla VP. Association of sleep problems and common mental health problems in engineering students of SGT University, Gurugram, India. Int J Adv Res 2020;8(12):148-55.

    10. Prakash R, Bansal P, Jose NA, Agarwal S.  A cross sectional study on the prevalence of psychiatric comorbidities in patients admitted for covid-19 in a tertiary care hospital in New Delhi. Int J Adv Res 2021; 9(06), 850-9.   (As corresponding author)

    11. Sheokand N, Jose NA , Gupta P, Tewari A, Tripathi A, Mahla VP, Arora P. Stress and coping strategies in postgraduate medical students during COVID-19 pandemic in a designated COVID-19 treating hospital: A cross sectional study. Ind J Appl Res 2021; 11(10):1-4

    12. Arora P; Nagpal S, Tewari, Abhinav T, Jose NA,  Mahla VP, Tripathi A, Gupta P, Siwatch A, Ogha A. Post–Electroconvulsive Therapy Hyperthermia, J ECT December 2021,37(4):e37-e38. doi: 10.1097/YCT.0000000000000784 (As corresponding author)



















































    2 DR Rashmi Prakash 1.      A cross sectional study of prevalence of psychiatric co morbidities in patients with covid 19 infection admitted in a tertiary care hospital. International J of Scientific Research. 2021

    2.      An International study to assess inpact of behavior modification therapy versus brief advice for tobacco cessation among tobacco users residing. “INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH” Affiliated Project Co investigator in collaboration with Community Medicine Department.2020 (Ongoing)

    3.      Aggarwal N, Prakash R, Jose N. A cross-sectional study of serum folate and vitamin B12 levels in psychiatric in-patients. Prim Care Companion CNS Disord. 2019;21(0):19 Corresponding Author: Dr Rashmi Prakash

    4.      Prakash R Aggarwal N. A Cross sectional study of prevalence of tobacco use and its correlates in psychiatric in–patients. International J of Scientific Research: Home; Volume : VII, Issue : V, May – 2018

    5.      Prakash R Aggarwal N. Sudden weight gain induced by olanzapine in a child: Case report Vol: VII, Issue: III, March 2018

    6.      Prakash R Aggarwal N. Meditation Induced Psychosis: Case Report. Asian J Psychiatry. 2018

    7.      Elhwadi D, Prakash R, Gupta M. The Menacing Side of Valproate: A Case Series of Valproate-induced Hyperammonemia. Indian J Psychol Med. 2017 Sep-Oct; 39(5): 668–670.




    Medical Educator Training/ research methodology and dates

    Dr Nimmi A Jose

    • Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies. SGT University, Gurugram, Haryana, 07th to 09th August 2018.
    • Sensitization Programme (AET-COM) in Medical Education Technologies. SGT University, Gurugram, Haryana, 10th August 2018.
    • Basic course in Biomedical Research March-June 2020

    Dr Rashmi Prakash


    • Revised Basic Course Workshop, Medical Education Unit. Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences. 6-8th