Central Skill Lab

Skills training

Current emphasis on competency based medical education has inspired HIMSR to design its central skills lab to provide cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills to their students.

Students of HIMSR will have the great opportunity to observe and practice the clinical skills in the safe environment on the world class mannequins and equipment.


Clinical skills to be acquired and practiced at undergraduate level


  • Basic nursing care like sponging, IV cannulation, IM injection, Ryle’s tube insertion, Foley’s catheterization, IV blood transfusion
  • Suturing, knotting, splinting, first aid to patients of trauma and emergency patients
  • Managing sick patient in ICU setting, basic life support, air way management training
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Antenatal management, normal delivery, management of obstetrics complications and gynecological procedures.
  • Neonatal and pediatric resuscitation.
  • Basic trauma management
  • OPD patient management
  • Special emphasis on training for affective domain, training on team work, values, responsiveness and communication are very well practiced
  • All these skills will be taught, practiced, observed and assessed by the eminent faculty here at HIMSR.


HIMSR regularly organizes training session for residents & junior faculty members to upgrade their skills.

HIMSR is always ready to embrace latest development in the field of medical education and skills training for their students and faculty as a part of continue medical education.