Doctor's Profile

Dr. Sabah Yaseen


Assistant professor, Department of Anatomy

Reg. Number: DMC-15980



Dr. Sabah Yaseen has completed her MBBS from USTC, Bangladesh and MD from SIMS, Hyderabad. Presently she is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy, HIMSR. She has a teaching experience of over 4 years from SKIMS, J&K and MAMC, New Delhi. Her field of interest includes gross anatomy and microanatomy. She thoroughly enjoys teaching anatomy and is interested in Medical Education. She has published her research work in several international & national journals of repute.

Area of Interest

  • Areas of interest: Gross Anatomy, Microanatomy and Medical Education

Educational Qualifications

Degree Year Name of College & University Registration Number Date of Registration
MD 2015 SIMS NTR University Of Health Sciences, AP DMC-15980
MBBS 2009 IAHS, University of Science & Technology Chittagong DMC-15980

Deatils of Teaching Experience

Designation* Institution From To Duration
Tutor SKIMS, J&K 24/9/15 2/12/16 1 Year2 Months
Senior Resident MAMC, New Delhi 21/12/16 20/12/19 3 Years
Assistant Professor HIMSR, New Delhi 01/02/2021 Present 2 Months


  • Yaseen S, Wadhwa S, Jeelani K, Mahajan A, Mishra S.Abnormal persistence of embryonic blood supply of liver: Anatomist’s Delight, Surgeon’s Nightmare. Acta Medica(Hradec Kralove) 2019; 62(2): 72-76
  • Yaseen S, Hassan A, Afza R, Waghray N.Anatomical Variations of Practical Importance in the Medial Cord of Brachial Plexus. International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research 2016;3(5):1485-1488
  • Yaseen S, Hassan A, Afza R .Anatomico Surgical Variations In Lateral Cord of Brachial Plexus. International Journal of Advance Research 2015;3(10):1441-1448
  • Yaseen S, Imran M, Waghray N. A study of Pulmonary Vein Variations and Their Drainage Pattern into the Left Atrium. Medical Sciences 2014;5(18):81-86
  • Yaseen S, Goswami P, Poonia D, Mishra S. Topography of nutrient foramen in human adult fibule and its clinical implication.International Journal of scientific research 2019;8(7):3-5
  • Yaseen S, Waghray N, Ravinder M. Morphological and Topographical Study of Nutrient Foramina in Adult Humerii. International Journal of innovative research and development 2014;3(4):7-10.
  • Hassan A,Yaseen S, Rashid M, Afza R, Kaur M, Javid M. Arnold-Chiari Malformation: Anatomical Variations and Latest Embryological Perspective. Review of Literature. International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research 2016;3(5):1489-1491
  • Hassan A, Yaseen S. Range of Anatomical Variations in Brachial Plexus Formation and Branching Pattern in Adult Cadavers. Research & Reviews: Journal of Surgery 2020;9(3):1-7
  • Afza R, Hassan A, Yaseen S, Muzaffar. Microscopic Study of the Effect of Clomiphene Citrate on Prostate. International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research 2015;2(5):1205-07
  • Poonia D, Mahajan A, Yaseen S, Mishra S. unusual formation of median nerve and occurrence of musculoaponeurotic band in the course of median nerve in arm: a clinicoanatomical study. International Journal of scientific research 2019;8(7):10-11
  • Waghray N , Imran M, Yaseen S, Ravinder M.Paraduodenal Recess with Herniation - An Incidental Finding in Cadaveric Dissection: A Case Report. International Journal of Health and Rehablitation sciences 2014;3(2):91-94
  • Waghray N, Jyothi A Imran M, Yaseen S, Chaudhary U. Enthesis: A Brief Review. Apollo Medicine 2015;12:32-38
  • Hamid S, Hassan A, Yaseen S, Rashid M, Afza R, Kaur M.Pattern of Finger-Prints in Different Blood Groups among First Year Medical students. Sch. J. App. Med. Sci. 2016;4(7):2575-2578.
  • Sreekanth T, Salma M, Annapurna M, Yaseen S.A thyroid gland showing pyramidal lobe with levator Glandulae thyroidea. Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences 2013;2(5):437-43
  • Hamid S, Hassan A, Rashid M, Kaur M, Yaseen S, Afza R.Distribution of Fingerprint Patterns among First Year Medical Students in SKIMS medical college. Global Journal for research analysis 2016;5(4):8-9

Research Work & Projects

Workshops/ CMEs/ Conference Organised

  • Preservation techniques of human body- Chemical & Digital (3D Printing) preservation and Museology, MAMC, New Delhi (2019)
  • 3rd Asian and African Stereology Congress, MAMC & AIIMS, New Delhi (2018)
  • Basic techniques in Histology, MAMC, New Delhi. (2017)
  • Fetal Autopsy and Cadaveric Skills, MAMC- New Delhi. (2017)
  • Laboratory Techniques of Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics, MAMC- New Delhi. (2016)

Workshops/ CMEs/ Conference Attended

  • National Conference of Anatomical Society of India- 67. VMMC, New Delhi (2019)
  • CME cum awareness programme on body and organ donation-live beyond life. GIMS, Greater Noida (2019)
  • Plastination- A novel technique for museum specimen preparation. SIMS, Bangalore. (2019)
  • Mini-workshop (capsule course) in Medical education technologies. MAMC, New Delhi. (2018)
  • National Conference of Anatomical Society of India- 66. AIIMS, Rishikesh (2018)