Contribution of salary for the rehabilitation of victims of recent floods in Kerala

All officers and staff of HIMSR and HAHCH are aware that unprecedented floods have struck the state of Kerala causing wide spread destruction of property and human lives. Thousands of people have been rendered homeless and are facing aftermath of flood fury resulting in almost epidemic situation. In this hour of grave calamity. our hearts go to the people of Kerala who need all kinds of help for their rehabilitation. HIMSR and HAHCH is doing their best for the victims.
It is our bounden duty to contribute whatever is possible for us. Director General, HIMSR has himself contributed his two days salary for the onerous cause. In line with this approach, we are going ahead with contribution of one day salary from all officers and employees of HIMSR/HAHCH due to them for the month of August, 2018. Any officer and employee if wishes not to contribute one day salary or to contribute more than a day’s salary, he/she may inform the undersigned accordingly.
This issues with the approval of Director General, HIMSR

Mustaq A. Zargar
(Head Finance & Administration)