Publications Psychiatry


S. No. Name Designation Publications
1. Dr. Rashmi Prakash Assistant Professor & Head
1. Prakash R Aggarwal N. A Cross sectional study of prevalence of tobacco use and its correlates in psychiatric in–patients. International J of Scientific Research: Home; Volume : VII, Issue : V, May – 2018
2. Aggarwal N, Prakash R, Jose N. A cross-sectional study of serum folate and vitamin B12 levels in psychiatric in-patients. Prim Care Companion CNS Disord. 2019;21(0):19 Corresponding Author: Dr Rashmi Prakash
3. Maqusood S, Prakash R, Jiloha RC .To study the Socio-Demographic correlates and association between Level of Tobacco Dependence and Severity of Depression. J Advanced Research in Psychology and Psychotherapy.2020 Corresponding Author: Dr Rashmi Prakash, (Under peer review)
4. Prakash R Aggarwal N. Sudden weight gain induced by olanzapine in a child: Case report Vol: VII, Issue: III, March 2018
5. Prakash R Aggarwal N. Meditation Induced Psychosis: Case Report. Asian J Psychiatry. 2018
6. Elhwadi D, Prakash R, Gupta M. The Menacing Side of Valproate: A Case Series of Valproate-induced Hyperammonemia. Indian J Psychol Med. 2017 Sep-Oct; 39(5): 668–670.
7. Bagra I, Prakash R.  A cross-sectional study of physical co-morbidities in psychiatric in-patients. Indian J Psychiatry, 2014
8. “INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH” Affiliated Project Co investigator in collaboration with Community Medicine Department. (Ongoing) An International study to assess inpact of behavior modification therapy versus brief advice for tobacco cessation among tobacco users residing
9. CO-GUIDE for THESIS of Post-graduation student in Unani Medicine Department of Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research. (Ongoing) A Study to evaluate the effectiveness of efficacy of Nutool therapy with Roghan-e-Gul on the diagmosed patients of migraine (without Aura) attending HAHC Hospital in Migraine patients.
10. Tiwari S, Prakash R, Ramesh OS. Sexual Satisfaction Among Spouses Of Subjects With Substance Use Disorders. Indian J Psychiatry 2017 Jan; 59(Suppl 2): S220–S250.
11. Tiwari S, Prakash R, Prasaad S. Probability And Predictors Of First Treatment Contact For Mood And Anxiety Disorders In The Psychiatric Department Of A Tertiary Care Hospital. Indian J Psychiatry 2017 Jan; 59(Suppl 2): S220–S250.
12. Tiwari S, Prakash R, Kataria D. Socio-demographic Profile, Psychiatric Comorbidities, And Treatment Seeking Behavior Among Substance Abusers Attending A Drug De-addiction Centre. Indian J Psychiatry 2017 Jan; 59(Suppl 2): S220–S250.