Research Projects Physiology

Ongoing Sponsored Research Project:


  1. 2021 To Study the effect of inspiratory muscle training in hypercapnic COPD patients during acute care (Tabassum Saher, JRF-UGC)
  2. 2020  Cognitive Remediation through Behavioural Reinforcement in Traumatic Brain Injury (Co-PI) Sponsored by Core Research Grant SERB-DST (File Number: CRG/2020/003832)
  3. 2020  An epidemiological study to assess household transmission & associated risk factors for COVID-19 disease amongst residents of Delhi, India.  (This protocol is aligned with the WHO Unity protocol on household transmission protocol for COVID-19) WHO sponsored project (Co-PI)
  4. 2018 Early Detection of Bio-markers for pre-eclampsia, Grand Challenges Canada Grant Number: R-ST-POC-1807-13914, (amount of $94.889 CAD).
  5. 2019 Characterization of sterile inflammatory biomarkers for the development of preeclampsia   and its pathogenesis. (Huma Quasimi, SRF, Sponsored by ICMR)
  6. 2018    To study the genetic polymorphism of Matrix – metalloproteinase-2 and its association with the oxidative stress biomarkers in COPD in North-Indian Population. DST-Inspire (DST/INSPIRE/03 /2017/001003) (Poonam Sangwan, JRF-DST-Inspire)


Completed Research Projects

  1. 2019    To study the role of Damage Associated Molecular Patterns in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients (STS-ICMR-2019-09608)
  2. 2018    Characterization of sterile inflammatory biomarkers for the development of pre-eclampsia   and its pathogenesis. (Huma Quasimi, JRF, Sponsored by ICMR, 2017-18)
  3. 2017    To Evaluate the Role of Nitric Oxide in Young Renal Hypertensive Patients (sponsored by STS-ICMR-Reference ID: 2017-03294)
  4. 2007    Development of chemical antagonists of snake venoms by a combinatorial approach based on molecular modeling, in vitro protein-ligand interactions and chemical synthesis (DBT, New Delhi) (2003 – 2007).
  5. 2002    Effects of indigenous plants and selected biological antioxidant on rodents against snake venom Sponsored by ASCOMS & Hospital, Jammu (1998 – 2002).
  6. 1997    Anti-snake venom factors from Indian herbs. Sponsored by CSIR, New Delhi 1997 (1 year).
  7. 1996    Snake venom inhibitors from Indian medicinal plants. Sponsored by CSIR, New Delhi (1995-96).
  8. 1994    Search for Plant Constituents which antagonize Snake Venom.  Sponsored by ICMR, New Delhi (1992–94)