Invitation to participate in bidding for sales of used Radiology equipment in Radiology department, Last Date:-14-10-2023

Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research
& Associated HAH Centenary Hospital
Hamdard Nagar, New Delhi-110 062


Date: 07.10.2023

Invitation to participate in bidding for sales of used Radiology equipment in Radiology department, HIMSR & HAHC Hospital

HIMSR & Associated Hakeem Abdul Hameed Centenary Hospital invites tender for sale of old working radiology equipment detailed below from reputed, experienced and financially sound Original Equipment manufacturer, Authorized distributors, dealers/ partners, companies /firms/agencies. The interested Companies /Firms /Agencies may send their bid complete in all respect latest by 14.10.2023 till 4 PM.

General Term & Conditions:

  • The interested vendors are invited for inspection and estimation of the cost before participating in the tender. The firm representative can come for a visit during the working days of the hospital as per the availability confirmed from Radiology department, HIMSR.
  • For any clarification contact Mr. Harun – Radiology department Tel: 9911570141 (for technical query) and Ms. Saltanat Mirza – AM Purchase, Tel: 8368118279 (for general query)
  • The sealed envelopes to be deposited to Purchase section – 9Th floor, HAH Centenary Hospital, Block B (New Building) as per the schedule mentioned above.
  • KYC form along with supporting documents as per the format attached as annexure should also be submitting along with bid. KYC form and other documents should be complete in all aspects, be duly signed & with a stamp
  • Payment terms will be discussed and finalized with successful bidder.
  • The detailed list of equipment and their specification with their working condition status are under:
S No Equipment Name Supplier name Model Serial No D O I Coils Condition

(1.5 T)

Siemens Magnetom Essenza Tim Dot 39031





Version syngo MR D14

23.09.2013 Headneck 16


Fix Spine Matrix

Body Matrix


4ch Flex

Large and Small


Helium 73.9%

Good Working


Siemens Somation Emotion 86104


Somaris/5 syngo CT2014 A


Emotion 16 (2010) VB42B

16.009.2013 Good Working
3 Ultrasound Machine HITACHI AOKA Prosound Alpha 6


M05289L1 Good Working
4 Ultrasound Machine Siemens Acusion X 700 356205 28.07.2014 Good Working
5 X-ray DR System Siemens Multix Select DR 10044 15.08.2013 Good Working


  • The accessories of equipment will be included in the deal.
  • HAH Centenary Hospital reserves the right to amend or withdraw any of the terms and condition or to reject or accept any or all tenders or its part without giving any notice or assigning any reason thereof. Tender inviting authority reserves all the right to cancel or postpone the tender.


Medical Superintendent