List of Selected Candidates for the post of Staff Nurse in the interview held on 11.03.2022..

Published Date: 16/03/2022
Status: Expired

Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research

and Associated HAH Centenary Hospital

Hamdard Nagar, New Delhi-110062

List of Selected Candidates for the post of Staff Nurses in the interview held on 11.03.2022 is given below. The Candidates are requested to contact Mr. Shahanshah Alam, HR Department for completing necessary joining formalities. His contact number is – 9911094833.


The candidates are requested to report within a week from the date of release of this notification.


Sl. No.

Name/ Father Name

1.        Mr. Javed  Akhter S/O Mr. Mubin Ahmad
2.        Mr. Faizul Haq S/O Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Khan
3.        Mr. Sarfraj Mohammad S/O Mr. Sher Mohammad
4.        Mr. Thakur Singh  S/O Mr. Rajkumar
5.        Mr. Yaman Kher S/O Mr. Ramesh Kumar Kher
6.        Mr. Amit Gusain S/O Mr. Jaswant Singh Gusain
7.        Mr. Rishabh Nigam S/O Mr. Rajinder Nigam
8.        Ms. Kumari Seema D/O Mr. Yogesh Kumar
9.        Ms. Salomi Barla  D/O Mr. Chepa Barla
10.    Ms. Sana Singh  D/O Mr. Lucky Singh
11.    Ms. Roma Layal  D/O Mr. Subhash Layal
12.    Ms. Monika D/O Mr. Narender Kumar
13.    Ms. Mandakini Pal   D/O Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Pal
14.    Ms. Ravina D/O Mr. Rajendra
15.    Ms. Nagma D/O Mr. Yusuf Siddique
16.    Ms. Meenakshi D/O Mr. Avdesh Kumar
17.    Ms. Alva Aman  D/O Mr. Yusuf B. Aman
18.    Ms. Juhi Kamaldeep D/O Mr. Kamaldeep 
19.    Ms. Priya Rana D/O Mr. Surendra Singh
20.    Ms. Nasreen D/O Mr. Tajul Hasan
21.    Ms. Savita Devi D/O Mr. Pooran Lal
22.    Ms. Rachana D/O Mr. Phul Singh
23.    Ms. Mary Chiinhoihkim Tonsing  D/O Mr. T. Chinzasuan
24.    Ms. Sanatombi Ningthoujam D/O Mr.  Ningthoujam Dilip Singh