Membership & Awards Surgery

Details regarding Departmental achievement.

S. No. Ongoing research  Researcher Supervisor
1.        TAPP vs Open Mesh repair for inguinal hernia : a comparative study Dr. Akansha Jain Dr. Ajay Thakral ,

Dr. Sheikh Viqar Manzoor

2.        An Observational Study On Shoulder Tip Pain Following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Dr. Ayush Tyagi Dr. Musharraf Husain,

Dr. Tajamul Rashid

3.        Choice of intravenous fluid for the initial resuscitation in adult patient of acute abdomen with features of peritonitis Dr Ishaang Gulati Dr Ajay Kumar Thakral,

Dr Divya Prasad,

Dr Pratibha Panjiar,

Dr Manzoor Ahmed

4.        MRCP correlation in adult cases of cholelithiasis with raised ALP or GGT – An observational study Dr Fatima Zehra Akhtar Dr Ajay Kumar Thakral

Dr Sheikh Viqar Manzoor

5.        Accuracy of modified Alvarado, RIPASA & Tzanakis Scores in diagnosis of Acute Pancreatitis Dr Saddaf Feroz Dr Divya Prasad,

Dr Ajay Kumar Thakral, Dr Zeeba S Jairajpuri

6.        Study of variation in biliary anatomy during laparoscopy cholecystectomies Dr Rahul Thakur Dr Musharraf Husain,

Dr Fahad Tauheed,

Dr Manzoor Ahmad

7.        Benign anorectal diseases at a tertiary care hospital- descriptive observational study Dr Aasiya Husain Dr Ajay Kumar Thakral, Dr Divya Prasad,

Dr Fahad Tauheed

8.        Effectiveness of improvised negative pressure wound therapy ; a prospect study in a tertiary care hospital Dr Nalin Ben Wishard Dr Fahad Tauheed,

Dr Ajay Kumar Thakral, Dr Manzoor Ahmad

9.        To compare the outcome of laparoscopy cholecystectomy in diabetic and non-diabetic patient ; a single centre study Dr Saddam Khan Dr Divya Prasad,

Dr Sachin Katyal,

Dr Samiksha Khanuja

10.    Study of serum LDH levels as an independent marker for predicting severity of Acute Pancreatitis Dr Dhruvi Motiwalla Dr Divya Prasad,

Dr Musharraf Husain,

Dr, Vineet Jain,

Dr Abhinav Jain

11.    Post- Operative pulmonary complications following laparotomy – a longitudinal analytical study Dr Fahd Ali Khan Dr Musharraf Husain,

Dr Fahad Tauheed,

Dr Sachin Katiyal,

Dr Pratibha Panjiar

12.    Incidence and predictors of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) in laparoscopic procedures : a prospective observational study Dr Nikhat Sartaj Dr Musharraf Husain,

Dr Tajamul Rashid


S No Award Recepient
1. First prize in “Dr C Palanivelu Best PG Paper Award” at ASICON, 2022 , Mumbai Dr Sanjana Agarwal
2. First prize in “Best Free Paper Award” at ASICON, 2021, Virtual Dr Sanjana Agarwal
3. Third prize in “Best Free Paper Award” at ASICON, 2022, Mumbai Dr Sonali Ohri
4. Third prize in “Poster Presentation” at SURGICON, 2023 Dr Akansha Jain