A BRIEF REPORT ON AETCOM (conducted on 4/4/2021)




Striving To Become A Good Doctor With AETCOM :


“A good physician treats the disease, a great physician treats the person who has the disease,”

In the modern era of expensive hospital beds, costly investigations that can cost thousands of rupees, surging number of untreated patients — can we still say we consider Healthcare as a Right? Has the Healthcare sector of our country become Capitalist, where only the rich can get the best of facilities but the poor are asked to wait for days?

The zealous students of HIMSR’s 2019 Batch tried finding the answer to these mind-boggling questions in their AETCOM session on 4th APRIL, 2021, under the supervision of their motivating teachers

Dr. Musharraf Husain, Professor & HOD, Surgery

Dr. Sabina Khan, Professor, Pathology

Dr. Sana Alam, Associate Professor, Biochemistry

Dr. Ayan Kumar Das, Demonstrator, Microbiology

They encouraged, uplifted and supervised the students at every step of this beautiful journey.

The students participated in 3 activities — Seminar, Debate and Roleplay.

Seminar was presented by students by the mode of a powerpoint presentation and it proved to be a very informative and direct method of delivering knowledge to the audience. It was a great start of the event, so that the students were oriented to the topic.

Debate was the next, where the students spoke For and Against the Motion of – “Healthcare As a Right.” It consisted of 3 rounds- Introduction, Rebuttal and Conclusion. Some really valid points were raised by the students of 2019 Batch, that left an impact on every member of the audience.

Roleplay was the concluding segment of the event, and rightly so, as the students used all the knowledge and information they had gained via previous two segments to redeliver it in a theatrical manner to the audience. 2 roleplays were organized by each team— one that depicted a patient aware of their rights, and another which depicted the opposite. Roleplay so organized were rich in satirical comedy and filled with elements of wonder.

The events were judged by the faculty members and winners were announced in each segment. Both students and teachers felt that it was a very fulfilling and enriching experience
With such events, HIMSR strives to educate their students in a holistic manner— help them become a doctor who doesn’t only excel in clinical skills, but also excels in humanities and communication skills.