SOP / Safety guidelines for COVID-19


SOP/Safety guidelines for COVID-19


Before entering

1. Entry shall be allowed after checking the status of AarogyaSetu app. If the status is green, only then one may be allowed to enter. Those with orange/red status may contact the Mr.Ismail before entering the college premises.

2. Check the status of Aarogya Setu app before leaving from home to avoid any discomfort.

3. Students coming from containment zones must provide self declaration of their health status on regular basis. Those feeling unwell must stay at home and inform the college authorities of their health status.

4. RT-PCR report must be submitted to avail quarantine leaves or to avail attendance on medical grounds.

5. All students will be allowed in campuses only after thermal scanning, sanitization of their hands, wearing of face masks and gloves.

6. It will be made mandatory for all students to wear the ID cards.

7. All students must follow social distancing of 2 metres. Face mask is compulsory at all times inside the premises.

8. Students with symptoms like INFLUENZA will not be allowed to join the hostel/ college.


In classroom and learning sites

1. Sitting places in classes, laboratories,  computer  labs,  libraries  etc.  will be  clearly marked, keeping in view the norms of physical distancing. At least one seat should be left vacant between two seats. Students must adhere to the seating arrangements.

2. Maintain social distancing and keep your face masks on while interacting at all times.

3. The students will be called in batches as the class  size will be reduced and  divided in multiple  sections  to maintain physical distancing during the classes. Only upto50% students will be allowed on a rotation basis

4. Teaching hours in a day may be extended, as per requirements of the college.

5. Sharing of books, other learning material and eatables are not allowed in the classroom.


In campus

1. Students may visit their respective departments in small groups for consultation with the faculty members after seeking prior appointments.

2. It will be made mandatory for all students to wear the ID cards.

3.Students are advised to dispose of used face covers / masks in separate covered bins placed in class rooms, laboratories and other common work areas.

4. All students to follow social distancing of 2metres . Face mask shall be compulsory for al at all times inside the premises.

5. All students shall avoid eating in groups and bring their individual water bottle. Sharing of food or water is discouraged to contain the spread of virus.

6. Doors and windows of rooms can be kept open and use of air conditioning must be avoided when possible .Natural ventilation is to be encouraged.

7. Use of staircase instead of lifts unless required.

8. Sharing of stationary items/laptops etc. by students shall be avoided at all times.

9. Visitors will not be allowed inside college premises

10. Cultural activities, meeting etc. may be avoided. However, extra-curricular and sports activities may be allowed where physical distancing is feasible

11. Every student should wash her/ his hands frequently. They must carry a personal pocket sanitizer at all times.

12. Students shall work from their seat and avoid going to other’s seats unless required.

13. While walking through corridors and doorways, avoid touching the walls and other surfaces. Those needing the support of railings while using staircase, must use hand rub  or wash their hands after touching such common contact surfaces.

14. No discrimination based on history of COVID-19 will be allowed to take place. Maintain social distancing, not emotional distancing


In hostel

1. All hostellers, who stay in Delhi will be required to commute on daily basis. Only students from outside Delhi will be allowed in hostel after they are issued fitness certificate by the Nodal officer, Dr. Fahim, Associate Prof. Community Medicine, HIMSR.

2. All Students must have a RT-PCR report that is negative at the time of re-joining the hostels and they will be re-called in batches.

3. Outstation students shall remain in quarantine and self-monitor their health for a period of 14 days before .They will be allowed to attend classes as per the policy Of State Government for quarantine (even if they bring a negative test report or the university/college plan to test them on arrival).

5. Hostels will define the number of students in dining halls at any point in time. Mess timings will be increased to avoid overcrowding.

6. Hostellers who develop INFLUENZA like symptoms must immediately inform their wardens. They will be kept in isolation till they get tested for RT-PCR and issued fitness certificate by the Nodal Officer, Dr. Faheem (+91-+91 93126 55966 ) HIMSR.

7. No group activities or social gatherings to be allowed inside the hostel.

8. Students shall maintain proper hygiene in hostel premises and avoid disposing their personal belongings in open.

9. Students and interns must dispose off their masks as per the guidelines. No students will be allowed entry inside the hostel premises in their PPE suits/gowns. They must change their protective gear in the hospital changing room after their respective duties.

10. Students on hospital duty shall avoid to and for movements to hostel and college. They must leave the hospital building only after they finish their duty hours.

11.Only essential staff with known health status shall be permitted in the hostel premises. Visitors and family members of the students shall be discouraged from entering the hostel for the risk of spreading the virus.