Publications Anatomy

1. Dr. S. K. Razdan

Designation: Prof. & Head

  • PHistogenesis of endometrium and Myometrium (prenatal study) Presented and published in proceedings of symposium on “Reproductive Biology and Fertility control” in 35th anatomical conference at AMU Dec. 28-30-1986
  • Morphogenesis and Histogenesis of uterine glands prenatal study Published in Anatomical Adjunts vol-1 no613-18 (p) 1987
  • Anatomical variations – Elongated styloid Process case report Published in Journal of JK Science Vol.10 No. 4 Oct-Dec. 2008
  • Development of Human Mammary Gland prenatal Study Published Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental sciences Vol. 1 Issue6/ Dec12/ page 1024-25
  • Toxicity Induced by CarbaryI pesticide in Albinorats Published in Journal of clinical and Experinental Pathology Vol. 2/issue7/ 2012
  • Development of Human Laryngeal cartilages published in Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences Vol.4/ issue 28 / dt. 03.04.2015
  • Distogenesis and Morphogenesis of Human Laryngeal epithelium – prenatal study published in Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental sciences Vol.4 / Issue 28 / dt. 06.04.2015, page 4816-21

2. Dr. Shalini Kumar

Designation: Assistant Professor

  • Insight of the knot of Henry: a Case report. Shalini Kumar, Adil Asghar, Farah Kausar, Ashar imam, Khalid Mehmood and Ram Prakash, OISR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS) e-ISSN: 2279-0853, p-ISSN: 2279-0861, Volume 9, Issue 1 (Jul-Aug. 2013), PP 48-50.
  • An anomalous origin of accessory head of flexor digitorum profundus in forearm; A rare variant. Shalini Kumar, Ranjan Verma, R.D. Mehra,: May 2016, Journal of the Anatomical Society of India, May 2016, DOI:10.1016/j.jasi.2016.04.001
  • The anatomical perspective of human occipital condyle in relation to the hypoglossal canal, conydlar canal, and jugular foramen and its surgical significance. Ranjana Verma, Shalini Kumar, R.R.D. Mehra, Journal of craniovertebral junction and spine, October 2016 7 (4):244:DOL:10.4103/0974-8237.193258
  • Morphological and Morphometic Analysis of Hypoglossal canal in North Indian Dry Skulls and it’s significance in cranial bases surgeries. Shalini Kumar, Ranjana Verma, Arpita Mahajan Rai, Raj D. Mehra: j Clin Daign Res. 2017 Mar; 11(3); AC08-AC12, Published online 2017 mar. doi;10.7860/JCDR/2017/24333.9365
  • Morphologic and morphometric analysis of human occipital condyle and its importance in craniovertebral surgeries, Ranjana Verma, Mansoor, S. Kumar. Journal of the Anatomical Society of India Volume 65, Supplement 2 September2016. Page
  • Evaluation of osteologic paramenters of jugular foramen and its significance with respiect to expanded endoscopic endonasal approach. Arpita Mahajan, Ranjana Verma, Shalini Kumar, Raj D. Mehra Eur J Anat, 21(3): 225-233 (2017)

3. Dr. Arpita Mahajan

Designation: Assistant Professor

  • Mahajan A, Mishra S. Unusual presentation of spermatic cord cyst in an adult cadaver. Int J Anat Res 2013; 02:119-20.
  • Verma R, Mishra S, Mahajan A. Unilateral Variation In The Branching Pattern Of Axillary Artery: A Cadaveric Study ” Int J Anat Res 2014; 2(1):292-94. (ISSN 2321- 4287)
  • Mahajan A, Patil S, Kakar S. Replaced right hepatic artery from superior mesenteric artery: A case report. OA Anatomy 2014 Jul 18;2(2):19.
  • S Patil, A Mahajan, S Kakar. Surgical implications of aortoiliac tortuosity. OA Case Reports 2014 Jun 18;3(6):53
  • Saha S, Mahajan A. An unilateral rare variant of plantaris muscle belly and its entrapment: a clinico – anatomical study. Int J Health Sci Res. 2015; 5(10):343-346.
  • Mahajan A et al.Histological findings of testicular biopsy in North Indian population Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2015 Apr;4(2):432-438