Publications Physiology

Name Designation Publications
1.Prof.M.Shobitha Prof. & HOD 12; 6 International and 6 National
2. Dr Md. Iqbal Alam Professor
  1. I. Alam, Amit Kumar,  S. Bhagat, Huma Quasimi, M.Aftab Alam, G A Khan, Abhijeet Dhulap and Sarwar Alam (2019) Snake venom PLA2 and sterile inflammation inhibition by novel diazepinone derivatives: Molecular modeling Communicated to Angewandte Chemie.
  2. Shubhro Chakrabartty, Md Iqbal Alam, Saumya Bhagat, Mohammed A Alam, Gausal A Khan, Neha Dhyani, M. Sarwar Alam (2019) Inhibition of snake venom induced sterile inflammation and PLA2 activity by Titanium dioxide Nanoparticles. (Communicated to Scientific Reports)
  3. Alam, M.I., Ojha, Rashmi., Alam Mohammed Aftab., Dudeja, M., (2019) Snake venoms: A promising antimicrobial agent for therapeutic purposes. (Communicated to Journal of Medicinal Chemistry).
  4. Gausal Khan, Saumya Bhagat and M.Iqbal Alam (2019) PGE2 induced migration of human brain endothelial cell is mediated though Protein Kinase A in cooperation of EP receptors. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 1-13,2019
  5. Sera Gonelevue, Abhirup Bandyopadhyay,  Saumya Bhagat,  Md Iqbal Alam and Gausal A. Khan (2018) Sterile Inflammatory Role of High Mobility Group Box 1 Protein: Biological Functions and Involvement in Disease, Journal of Res.55:244–254
  6. Abhirup Bandhapadhaya, William May, Saumaya Bhagat, Iqbal Alam, Gausal Khan, (2018), Sterile inflammatory molecules: potential biomarkers for  preeclampsia Placenta, 69, e40
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