Development of Two Lecture Theatres on Design & Built Mode at 3rd floor of HIMSR Building, Hamdard Nagar, New Delhi – 110062

Ref: HIMSR/DEVELOPMENT OF LT-3&4/05/2022                              
                                                                                                                        Date: 04.06.2022





Sealed tenders (Two bid – Technical Bid & Financial Bid) are hereby invited on behalf of HIMSR from experienced and interested Contractors.


Name of the work                   :           Development of Two Lecture Theatres on Design & Built Mode at 3rd floor of                                                                     HIMSR Building, Hamdard   Nagar,   New   Delhi – 110062


Tender Fee                              :           Rs.   2,500/- (Rupees two thousand five hundred)


Earnest Money Deposit          :           Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees two Lakh)


Completion Time                    :           45 days


Issue of Tender Document      :           04.06.2022


Last Date of Submission          :           14.06.2022


  1. The Contractors having relevant experience in such field may download tender documents from the institute’s official website The filled tender along with the prescribed Earnest Money Deposit and Tender Fee should be submitted in the tender box at 9th floor of HAHC Hospital ‘B’ Block on or before 14.06.2022 upto 3:00 PM. The technical bids will be opened on the same day at 3:30 PM.


  1. HIMSR reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof and also not bound to accept lowest Tenders in whom any of the prescribed conditions are not fulfilled or found incomplete in any respect are liable to be rejected.


  1. Canvassing whether directly or indirectly in connection with tender is strictly prohibited and the tender submitted by the contractors who resort canvassing will be liable to be