Time extension for demolishing & dismantling work at 2nd & 3rd of Rufaida Block HAHC Centenary Hospital.

Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research
& Associated HAH Centenary Hospital
Hamdard Nagar, New Delhi-110062
Website: www.himsr.co.in
Date: 21/05/2022
                                                                                      Tender Notice
Extension of Date
This is with reference to the Tender Notice vide ref no. HIMSR/HAHCH/Civil/01 dated 09 May 2022 for the work of “Demolishing & dismantling work at 2nd & 3rd floors of Rufaida Block, HAH Centenary Hospital, HIMSR, New Delhi-110 062”. It is hereby notified that time for submitting the bids has been extended till 25th May 2022 up to 3:30 PM. The tender will be opened on same day at 4.00 PM in the office of Medical Superintendent.
Medical Superintendent
HAH Centenary Hospital, HIMSR
New Delhi-110 062