Cascade Training of Medical Officers on Immunisation Handbook

A joint effort of MOHFW, CDMO, South East District – Delhi and Dept of Community Medicine HIMSR

The Ministry of Health &Family Welfare, Govt. of India, has started Cascade Training for Medical Officers on “Updated Immunization Handbook for Medical Officers (2018)”. This training is an essential requisite for Medical officers and faculty involved in Universal Immunization Programme, Govt. of India.

In this regard, CDMO-SED, South East District, Delhi has conducted two batches of the district level training (three days, with 22 participants), in collaboration with the Dept. of Community Medicine, HIMSR. First batch of training was from 17th to 19th June, 2019 and second batch from 20th to 22nd June 2019. The participants were medical officers from all 11 districts of Delhi including Faculty, Postgraduate students and Medical Officers from Pediatrics & Community Medicine Department, HIMSR.