Membership & Awards Community Medicine

Name Name of the award, fellowship, membership
Dr. Farzana Islam
  • Membership in IAPSM/L-1730, IPHA (2005), IAAH (2015)
  • Editorial Board/ Reviewer in AJCEM
Dr. Aqsa Shaikh
  • Award for best e-paper in Annual National conference of Indian Public Health Association, 2017.
  • Lifetime membership of IAAH /326/2015
  • Lifetime Membership of IAPSM and IPHA
  • Member of editorial board and Reviewer of journal in IJYAH
  • Reviewer for medical Journal Research in Humanities in Medical Education
  • Life Member of Indian Professional Association of Transgender health
Dr. Faheem Ahmed
  • Membership in IAPSM/L 3499
  • Member of editorial board and Reviewer of journal in IJYAH
 Dr Rashmi Agarwalla
  • Best paper awarded in International conference on Youth and Adolescent health,2017, New Delhi
  • Awarded fellowship of National Academy of Medical Sciences in 2017
  • Membership in IAPSM/L-3185, IPHA-L/2011/ASS/5823, IAAH /325/2015.
  • Reviewer of journal in IJYAH
Dr. Varun Kashyap
  • Invited talk on Efficiency of ANN and SVM QSAR model for Lung cancer cell line A549.
  • Invited lecture in “three days SPSS workshop for UP police officers” 17.3.2018. to 19.3.2018 organized by the U.P. Police Technical Service Headquarters. Lucknow.
  • Invited for a Orientation Programme on “Application of SPSS Software in Statistical Analysis of Data” Apr-11 to 18th, 2017, Bhartiya Shiksha ShodhSansthan.
 Dr. Meely Panda
  • Paper on chronic morbidities among elderly population in rural area of Haryana awarded 2nd best paper in the 10th GSICON, International conference on Geriatric care. Nov 16-17, 2014
  • Editorial board member of Journals Indian Journal of Communicable diseases and Indian Journal of Hospital administration.
  • Reviewer in Indian Journal of Medical Sciences and IJCD