Membership & Awards Orthopedics


Prof. Sandeep Kumar

  1. Prof. Sandeep Kumar participated as a judge for free paper presentation in DOACON 2020 ( Delhi Orthopaedic Association) annual conference 27th-29th Nov 2020.
  2. Prof. Sandeep Kumar- participated as a Guest speaker at the Ghaziabad Orthopaedic Club online meeting on the topic ” Management of complex distal tibial fractures” on 26th September 2020.
  3. Prof. Sandeep Kumar participated as Postgraduate E- poster judge in the Anaesthesia meet on World patent safety day (17th-18th Sep 2020), HIMSR, New Delhi
  4. The paper “Feasibility of telemedicine in maintaining follow-up of orthopedic patients and their satisfaction: A preliminary study” authored by Prof. Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Arvind Kumar, Dr. Mukesh Kumar, et al. has been selected for the Award Category: Best Research Award.
  5. Guest faculty in “Post lockdown practice and safety measures for orthopedic surgeons” webinar by Rajasthan Orthopaedic Surgeons Association
  6. Panellist in “Managing orthopedic surgeries during COVID-19- today and beyond” webinar by Stryker
  7. Guest faculty in “COVID World — Challenges And Solutions For Orthopods” By Global Orthopaedic Forum 
  8. Speaker: Nutritional Supplementation In The Management Of Osteoarthritis (Feb 2020)
  9. Successfully completed  as CoPI – A Multicentric, Randomized, Open-Label Clinical Trial to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of Tapentadol Nasal Spray in Comparison to Tramadol Immediate Release Capsule and Intravenous Injection in Patients with Post-Operative Moderate to Severe Pain Torrent/ Tapentadol in 2019
  10. Awarded RULA best researcher award for the year 2019 for the paper on “Epidemiology of knee osteoarthritis in Indian population” Accredited by the World research Council. 
  11. Awarded Indian orthopaedics Association Senior fellowship for the year 2020.
  12. Organizing secretary of Delhi orthopaedic Association MID term conference (MIDCON) organized by Department of orthopedics, HIMSR Jamia Hamdard on 7 July 2019.
  13. Organizing secretary of second HIMSR JESS workshop on 6 July 2019.
  14. Guest lecture – invited by Ghaziabad orthopedic Association for a guest lecture on the “role of JESS in fractures of distal end of radius “on 26 February 2020.
  15. Invited for a guest lecture at workshop on “usage of Ilizarov and JESS in orthopedics on 26th and 27th January 2019 organized by Meerut orthopedics club in association with Department of orthopedics, Subharti Medical College, Meerut.
  16. Joint secretary of the Indian orthopedic Association for the year 2019 2020.
  17. Invited as a Chairperson for the Indian orthopedic Association conference held from 19th to 24 November 2019 at Kolkata.

Dr. Owais Ahmed Qureshi

Dr. Javed Jameel

  1. Guest speaker in 2nd JESS workshop entitles “JESS in hand injuries” in MIDCON 2019 July
  2. Won “Man of the Match” award in Uttar Pradesh Orthopedic association annual conference cricket match (Feb 2020)

PG students

  1. Dr. Neel Aggarwal won the best E-poster presentation award at Anesthesia meet on World patent safety day (17th-18th Sep 2020), HIMSR, New Delhi.