“World Antimicrobial Awareness Week – 2020”

This year, HIMSR & HAHC-Hospital is celebrating the “World Antimicrobial Awareness Week” as a 3 days event comprising of:
1. A National level CME on “Rational Use of Antimicrobials” (24th, November) with the stalwarts in the field of antimicrobials deliberating on the topic; followed by stimulating discussion and competitive e-poster presentation (awards for the best three posters).
2. An Awareness Program on “Hospital Antimicrobial Stewardship” (23rd, November) for our Health Care Professionals which is the cornerstone of pharmacotherapeutics.
3. An Art Integrated Program (e-posters, slogan writing and rangoli competition) an inter-college active learning event for the students (21st, November).
The program will be a an academic as well as socio-cultural treat for all medical health professionals, amidst the COVID struggle.
It is our proud privilege to extend the invitation to all the medical fraternity and my colleagues. We shall eagerly look forward to your virtual presence and support in celebrating this event with great zeal!
Please find attached the event Brochure, Students Poster and Registration Forms.
https://forms.gle/TnKtHUr7R99hPJuW8Art integrated Event Registration Form
https://forms.gle/6yUkvEoRx4psdtpPA – Awareness Event Registration Form
https://forms.gle/T1PxXoBZud2SUm8Y8 – CME Registration Form