PG Teaching Community Medicine

The department of Community Medicine is running three post graduate courses:

  • M.D. (Community Medicine)
  • M.P.H. (Master of Public Health)
  • Ph.D. (Public Health)


M.D. (Community Medicine)


The department of Community Medicine started M.D. (Community Medicine) with three (3) seats which were permitted by MCI in 2017. It was recognized by NMC in 2020.


Community Medicine Specialists are medical doctors who have MBBS degree and have taken a three year Doctor of Medicine (MD) course in Community Medicine.


MD curriculum and Bylaw

MD students in Community Medicine:




MD Thesis under the department:

  1. A community based longitudinal study on prevalence, risk factors, maternal and foetal outcomes of gestational diabetes mellitus in South-East Delhi ( Nitya Balagopalan under Prof. Rambha)
  2. A mixed method study to assess the economic burden of tuberculosis and its social impact on patients registered under revised national tuberculosis control programme and their households in South-East Delhi (Dr Safa Fazal Haque under the guidance of Dr. S. Roy)
  3. A randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of group-based diabetes self management education (DSME) program on glycemic control, self-care efficacy and quality of life in individuals with type 2 diabetes. ( Farishta Singh Haque under the guidance of Prof. Farzana Islam)
  4. An Epidemiological Study of Sleep-related Disorders and its Association with Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Adult Population (30-69 Years) of South Delhi. (Dr Vishal Kumar Singh under the guidance of Prof. Farzana Islam)
  5. A cross-sectional study to estimate the prevalence of gynaecological morbidities, pattern of contraceptive use and associated socio-demographic factors in women aged 18-49 years attending Rural Health Training Centre of a Medical College in South-East Delhi. (Dr Sarah Ali Habib under the guidance of Dr. S. Roy)
  6. A cross sectional study to assess the age-appropriate feeding practices and their association with the nutritional status of children aged 6 to 23 months residing in the field practice areas of health training centres of a medical college in South-East Delhi (Dr Safa Fazal Haque under the guidance of Prof. Farzana Islam)



M.P.H. (Master of Public Health)


Master of Public Health (MPH) is a UGC recognised course under the Jamia Hamdard University, run by the Department of Community Medicine, HIMSR. It is based on the guidelines provided by Ministry of Family Welfare, Government of India.


MPH curriculum and Bylaw 


MPH students


Ph.D. (Public Health)


Ph.D. is a UGC recognised course under the Jamia Hamdard University (link) run by the department of Community Medicine, HIMSR.


Ph.D. curriculum and Bylaw 


Ph.D. scholars



  1. Assessment of community-based strategies under Malaria Elimination Demonstration Project (MEDP) for reduction of malaria cases in a tribal district of Madhya Pradesh, India. (Dr Harsh Rajvanshi under the guidance of Prof. Farzana Islam)
  2. A randomized placebo control trail to study the impact of probiotics supplementations on Behavioral and gastrointestinal symptoms in children aged 2-9 years with autism spectrum disorders from Delhi NCR clinics. (Dr Himani Narula Khanna under the guidance of Dr. S. Roy)


Post Graduate Teaching and training at the Department of Community Medicine

  • Postings at Health Centres (UHTC and RHTC)
  • Postings in allied speciality departments
  • Postings at Public Health institutes
  • Trainings in Primary Medical Care
  • Regular PG teaching:
  •                              Journal Club
  •                              Seminars
  •                              Tutorial
  •                              Guest Lectures
  • Thesis, dissertation and research
  • Internship in renowned research institute (for MPH students)
  • Community postings and Field Visit
  • Epidemiological surveillance
  • Covid Duties : Vaccination and Flu clinics
  • Involvement in various research projects
  • Health Camps