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Post Graduate Teaching – Department of Medicine

The post graduate course has been started in 2017 with 3 seats approved per year by MCI.
Community Medicine is the study of health and disease in the population of defined communities or groups in order to identify their health needs, and to plan, implement, and evaluate health programs to effectively meet these needs. The Goal of Community Medicine is Protection and Promotion of Public Health.
Community Medicine Specialist is an epidemiologist, Health Manager, Health Communicator, Health Advocate and Family Physician.
Community Medicine reaches out to the people to provide services for prevention of diseases such as immunization, pre-natal care, health screening etc.; promotion of health such as safe water supply and sanitation, vector control measures, tobacco control policy etc.; and provision of primary medical care such as treatment of common ailments (diarrhea, pneumonia, TB, leprosy, malaria, hypertension etc.); whereas other branches of medicine largely provide diagnostic and treatment services to patients who seek treatment.
In India Community Medicine is synonymous with what is known as Public Health Medicine or Public Health in other countries.
Community Medicine Specialists are medical doctors who have MBBS degree and have taken a three year Doctor of Medicine (MD) course in Community Medicine during which they are trained in:
1. Epidemiology and Bio-Statistics
2. Health Planning and Health Management.
3. Health Education and Health Promotion.
4. Primary Medical Care.

Community Medicine specialist:
1. Has in-depth understanding of determinants of health and diseases.
2. Diagnoses and manages common illnesses and emergencies encountered in the community.
3. Adopts integrated approach to develop policies to meet the health needs of the individual, family and Community.
4. Conducts epidemiological investigations of communicable and non-communicable diseases and suggests appropriate solutions of public health problems.

5. Conducts investigations into the problem of health services of the community. Plans, organizes, implements and evaluates health services and health programs.
6. Interprets records and reports of health services at various levels of health care delivery system.
7. Performs research and applies research findings to improve health services of the community.
8. Undertakes teaching and training assignments in the field of community medicine for various categories of medical and paramedical personnel.
9. Functions as an effective member as well as a leader of the health team.

The department has a backing of Rural and urban field practice area, which is responsible for providing community health services to both urban and rural population.

Urban Health Training Center: Pul Prahladpur
Rural Health Training Center: Madanpur Khadar.
During the 3 year course the students are posted in various areas,fields,departments and health centers for comprehensive training.
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