Publications Surgery

Publications From 2012 To 2019


YEAR: 2019

  1. Sabina K, Jaseem H, Musharraf H, Sujata J. Video Projected Practical Examination as an introducing Formative Assessment Tool in Pathology. IJPM 2019;62(1):79-83.
  2. Bharat N. Kumar, Anand Srivastava,Tapan Sinha.Urethral stricture after bipolar transurethral resection of prostate- truth vs hype: A randomized controlled trial.Indian Journal of Urology 2019;35(1):41-47.
  3. Ajay Kumar Thakral, Mohammad Jaseem Hassan, Divya Prasad. Vagal nerve Schwannoma- An interesting case presenting as lateral neck swelling.Indian Journal of Pathology and Oncology 2019;6(4):711-713

YEAR: 2018

  1. Mohammad Mohsin, Tajammul Rashid. Prospective study of laparoscopic totally extraperitoneal repair and open mesh hernioplasty. IJAMSCR 2018;6(1):9-16. ISSN : 2347-6567
  2. Naseer Ahmad, Firdous Hamid, Irfan Nazir, Mir Mujtaba, Ajaz Ahmad, Athar Asimi, et al. Factors resulting in conversion of laparoscopic cholecystectomy to open cholecystectomy-institution based study. International Surgery Journal. Int Surg J. 2018;5(1):132-37
  3. Ajay kumar thakral, Divya Prasad; comparative study between incision &drainage and sono guided aspiration for the management of deep seated breast abscess.J.Evolution Med. Dent. Sci./ Eissn-2278-4802, Pissn-2278-4748/vol.7/issue 50/Dec 10,2018

Year: 2017

  1. Jyotsana H Gaur, Sabina Khan, Jaseem Hasan, S Jetley, Musharraf Husain. Adenomatous polyp pf Gallbladder: A rare presentation in HCV positive patient. IJPRP 2017;6:998-1001
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  11. Irshad Yousuf, Mir Mujtaba Ahmad, Sayika Hameed, Raja Nadeem. Comparative Study of Intrathecal Fentanyl Versus Intravenous Fentanyl For Supplementation of Subarachnoid Block During Caesarean Section. Int J Med Res Prof. 2017;3(4):118-23.

Year: 2016

  1. Ajay T. Comparative study between aspiration followed by intralesional steroid injection and surgical excision for the management of dorsal wrist ganglion. JEMDS Mar 2016 vol 5 issue 20.
  2. Atif Naeem Raja, Mir Mujtaba, Raja Nadeem, Irfan Nazir Mir and Hilal Awani Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy – Initial Experience at Our Tertiary Care Centre. Open Access J Surg 1(5): OAJS.MS.ID.555574 (2016)
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  6. Ahmed MM, Raja AN, Ahmed MM, Farooq M. Hydatid disease of breast – A Case Report. IJCPHR 2016; 1(1):41-43


Year: 2015

  1. Ajay T .study to assess the effectiveness and sideeffects of diltiazem 2% in the management of chronic fissure in ano .JEMDS Aug2015vol4 issue68.
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Year 2014

  1. Musharraf HusainSabina KhanAshraf Bhat, Firdoos Hajini. Accessory breast tissue mimicking pedunculated lipoma BMJ Case Reports 2014; doi:10.1136/bcr-2014-204990 ISSN: 1757-790X impact factor 445
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Year 2013

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Year 2012

  1. Maulana M. Ansari, Shahla Haleem, Ibne Ahmad, Wasif Mohammed Ali, Shahnawaz Alam, Saquib M. : Acute Necrotizing Cholangitis with Bile Duct Perforation in a Patient without Immunocompromise: Journal of Emergency & Disaster Medicine 1, 1 (2012)
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