Research Projects Pathology


Research work and inter-departmental collaborative studies with other departments of the Jamia Hamdard University are regularly undertaken.

ICMR Short Term Student Research projects conducted & approved by ICMR are as follows:

  • Study of Risk Factors in Oral Carcinoma and the relationship between Tumor Thickness and Regional Nodal Involvement. Reference ID: 2014-01558.
  • Role of Cytology in Evaluating Oral Lesions for Early Detection of Oral Cancers. Reference ID: 2015-07144.
  • Role of Her2/neu and Ki67 (a proliferative marker) in gall bladder cancers . Reference ID: 2015-05617.
  • Study of Helicobacter pylori and associated risk factors in symptomatic patients with special emphasis on smoking, alcohol and socioeconomic status. Reference ID 2016- 06170.
  • Patterns of expression of apoptotic and proliferative markers in Oral lesions. Reference ID 2017- 01271
  • Profile in geriatric patients with special emphasis on morphological and etiological classification of anemia in these patients. Reference ID 2017-05615

Faculty members of the department of Pathology, HIMSR also have numerous publications in indexed, peer reviewed national and international journals, total 103 in number since the inception of the department.