Obstetrics and Gynecology



  • MBBS
  • B.Sc. MLT
  • Nursing



Antenatal and Gynaecology Clinics:

The department runs routine antenatal and gynaecology outpatient clinics daily

Time : From 9:00 AM To 1:00 PM.


From Left: Dr. Neha Varun, Dr. Arpita De, Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Dr. Aruna Nigam, Dr. Reva Tripathi, Dr. Arifa Anwar Elahi, Dr. Sumedha Sharma, Dr. Neha Gupta

Specialty Clinics

   Time: 2 PM to 4 PM

  • Monday Fetal Medicine
  • Wednesday Adolescent Clinic
  • Thursday Infertility Clinic
  • Friday Oncology Clinic

Latest technology

Oncology Clinic

The department has a dedicated Ontological Clinic with the facility of a Digital Video Colposcope for diagnosis of pre cancerous and cancerous lesions of female genital tract. The department has the latest equipment for management of pre cancerous lesions of cervix, including cryosurgery and loop electrosurgical excision procedure. All types of malignancies of female genital tract are being operated such as cancer of ovary, uterus, cervix etc.


Endoscopic Surgeries

The department is equipped with the latest laparoscopic and hysteroscopic instruments [Olympus] with Harmonic and Enseal technology, with well trained and experienced faculty. All endoscopic surgeries are routinely done such as infertility surgeries, cyst removals, endometriosis, ectopic, myomectomy, hysterectomy, septal resection and tubal cannulation.


Open Surgeries

The department has a highly trained faculty for performing all major abdominal and vaginal surgeries like hysterectomy, myomectomy, endometriosis, prolapse surgery, tubal recanalization, incontinence operations, fistula repairs, Ectopic pregnancy.


Obstetrics and High Risk Pregnancy

The labour room is managed round the clock by well trained and experienced doctors and nursing staff. There are three cardiotocographic machines and 2 fetal Doppler machines in the labour room. Facility for continuous fetal monitoring is available. Vaginal deliveries, normal delivery after previous caesarean section, forceps and vaccum deliveries are being done routinely.The multichannel monitors for high risk pregnancies is also available.


Fetal Medicine and Genetic Counselling

The department has qualified Consultants for diagnosis and management of patients with malformed foetuses, foetuses with genetic diseases, couples with recurrent pregnancy losses.

Advanced Teaching methodology

A fully equipped skill laboratory for undergraduate teaching methodology with dummy assisted practical and hands on training for various procedures. Endotrainer for resident doctors is also available for training in Laparoscopic procedures and suturing skills.

Vision for Future

Department has plans to start post-graduation, develop oncology centre, develop a state of art advanced laparoscopy centre and infertility centre.