Papers Presented Medicine

Papers presented

Dr Prem Kapur

  1. Study of clinic laboratory profile of Dengue fever from a South Delhi hospital-        APICON 2015 at Gurugram , Haryana
  2. Comparative efficacy of long acting beta 2 agonist- Indicaterol with a long acting muscuranic antagonist -Tiotropium in patients of COPD – APICON, 2014 at Ludhiana, Punjab

Dr Vineet Jain

  1. A rare case of bilateral thalamic infarct: Artery of percheron infarction – Bangkok , Thailand. -2018
  2. “A rare cause of resistant hypertension: Polycythemia vera” – Bangkok , Thailand. -2018
  3. vivax Malariapresenting as peripheral circulatory failure and impending gangrene – A rare cause and presentation of DIC – Berlin, Germany,  2018
  4. Correlation between abscess size and liver function tests in cases of liver abscess” – Berlin, Germany,  2018